Monday, May 28, 2012

La Esperanza en los Milagritos

Hey Guys
We had a pretty good week here in Chilpancingo.  Elections are going on here for national president and also president of Chilpo so its kinda crazy in the streets sometimes.  We have also started to have some rain and its supposed to get worse in the coming weeks.  My comp and I had an eating contest with enchiladas.  I ate 16 and he broke the Heroico ward record with 32 enchiladas.  He threw up right after the last bite!!!  Yesterday, we had stake conference here in
Chilpancingo.  The stake is made up of 14 wards and branches so they just had one session of conference and did a transmission to every building.  Unfortunately, the internet had problems so we missed about half of each talk that was given.  But I did really love a talk that President Spannaus gave in this conference about repentance and the need we have to repent DAILY.  He read Ezequiel 33 in his talk and mentioned that as members of the church, we are not perfect.  We have to rely on the merits of Christ daily and use his Atonement often. That is something I have had to do in these past few weeks with this new area and with the call to lead this zone of missionaries.  Elder Cornejo and I have seeked and recieved a lot of revelation for the zone and for our investigators.  As we have studied the scriptures like we have never studied them before, the Lord has revealed to us His mysteries that have helped us fulfill and magnify our callings. We had a great meeting after our zone conference with the district leaders of our zone about Goals.  We talked about the difference between hope and faith.  Before this past week, I thought they were basically the same thing.  I learned from Hebrews 6 and Ether 12:4 that hope is a result of knowing the blessings of the Lord that we will recieve by completing a goal or covenant with the Lord.  As we make goals in the mission, we make a covenant with the Lord to complete it and He convenants with us to bless us.  So we invited all of the missionaries of the zone to search the scriptures and recieve revelation so that they could make a list of the blessings that the Lord promises them if they complete their goals in the month of June. We are excited for this coming month and as a companionship, we found numerous blessings that the Lord will give us if we complete our goals this coming month.  Elder Cornejo and I have also really enjoyed contacting lately.  We actually went to the Sisters area this week to help them out by contacting.  Because of travel, we were only left with 20 minutes to contact in their area.  So my comp and I went to this abandoned house to pray to seek for guidance.  We said a very specific prayer, expressing to the Lord that we wanted to find a family that was willingly to listen to us and that had the need of the Gospel in their lives and that we would feel peace in our hearts when we passed by that familys house.  So after the prayer we set off and the 3rd house we passed, we felt like we should knock adn a family of five opened up and after a 2 minute contact they were excited to hear our message.  So we called the sisters so they could pass by and teach them.  So we went 1/1 that day with our contacts and we know it was because of our faith, our specific prayer, and the miracles of the Lord.  Right now, we have about 5 families that we are teaching and we are going to find more this week.  I appreciate your prayers and love you all!  I know that this church is true and that salvation can be achieved through Christ and His authority and His church!
Elder Stutz

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