Monday, May 14, 2012

Por la Fe de Tu Mamá

Happy Mothers Day to all those mothers out there!!!!  I attached a photo of a drawing my companion did for all the moms this week.  It comes from 2 Timothy 1:5 when Paul is telling Timothy that the faith he has came from his mother and grandmother and I know that is true in my life as well.  My mom and grandparents have been great examples for me of faith and enduring through trials.  My mom and grandmas have been some of my closest friends throughout my life and I am so grateful for them!  Thanks to all the mothers out there!
We have had a busy week and will have an even busier one this week.  Right now we are planning our zone conference that we will have on Thursday.  Despite of all our zone responsibilites, we are really working hard in our area.  Yesterday we passed out little cards to the members asking for their personal information and how they want to support the missionary work.  We got a lot of great responses and I think the members are going to be the key to finding more success in our area.  One brother actually wrote on the back of his card ¨thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to recieve blessings from sharing the Gospel¨  So we are excited to start working with the members more.  We also got the opportunity to eat some Iguana this past week!!!  There wasnt that much meat and it basically tasted like chicken so it wasnt to exciting haha.  Right now, Elder Cornejo and I are praying and fasting to find a family of 4 to baptize.  We had a really cool experience while looking for that family.  We decided to climb the mountain in our area to pray to the Lord to guide us as we looked for this family.  After the prayer, we both felt impressed to go down this steep hill with a little path.  It had a lot of loose dirt so I actually fell and got super dirty haha.  But we got to the bottom of the hill and there was just one small little shack down there.  So we knocked and taught the 4 people that were there.  A couple days later we went back and taught the 4 again with 2 other members of the family that were there.  The hard part about teaching them is that they speak  just a littlebit of spanish.  They are from the mountains of Guerreo so they speak a dialect language called Tlapaneco.  It is a really difficult language that sounds kind of like Japanese.  The dad of the family knows enough spanish to be able to translate but we are also trying to learn some of the dialect to be able to teach better.  To say hi you say WAZA.  To say bye it is BASHID.  To say faith it is NANDATAYA.  To say baptism it is NEGOMASACURAMA.  We are trying to find a dictionary for the dialect but we havent been able to find one yet.  The miracle of this story is that the Spirit has been very strong in the lessons as we have prayed hard so that they can understand.  Not only have they understood but they have accepted a baptismal date and we think this may be the family we have been looking for.  I know that God works miracles through our faith.  If we dont have faith before the miracle, it wont happen.  Love you guys tons!
Elder Stutz         

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