Monday, June 4, 2012

La Disposición de Cambiar

Hey guys!
Another crazy week of changes.  On Tuesday, we got a call while eating, telling us we had special changes.  Elder Cornejo left an hour later to Iguala and Elder Quinnelly is my new companion.  Elder Quinnelly had just started as zone leader in Iguala but his skin couldnt take the sun in Iguala so pres changed him to Chilpancingo.  He is better now and ready to work.  He is from Kansas City and has a month less than me in the mission.  Out of all the zone leaders in the mission, we are the youngest 2.  He is shorter than me with red hair.  He is into sports and loves to talk.  So we get along well.  It was tough to say bye to Elder Cornejo, especially because we werent able to have a ton of success together but we know this is the Lords will.  Elder Quinnelly is pumped for this area and we are making a lot of changes here.  We are working really hard so that we are examples for the other 24 missionaries in our zone.  There are 3 missionaries finishing their mission this week from our zone so we will probably have a lot of changes this next week.  We also have our last Counsel with Pres Spannaus this friday in Cuernavaca so we are excited to recieve a final bit of instruction from him.  Despite all the changes this past week, we actually had quite a bit of success in our area.  We are doing all that we can to change things in the ward.  We both bore our testimonies this past Sunday and we could even see a slight difference in how the members looked at us after that.  They are slowly getting more excited and more willing to become friends with us.  Unfortunately, we didnt baptize this past week and I dont think we will this week either, but we found an amazing miracle this past week.  We were walking down this street and I got a feeling that we needed to knock a door.  I told my comp and we agreed to knock it.  The lady quickly invited us in and we began to try to get to know the family.  We found out that a lady in a wheelchair had suffered many accidents and sicknesses which left her in a wheelchair and that she had gotten baptized about 20 years ago and stopped going to church 15 years ago.  Her son, who also got baptized, is addicted to alcohol and had been looking for us the past week to help him out with his addiction.  Her daughter never got baptized because she was too young when her mom and brother did it and she is super interested.  So we taught them the plan of Salvation and also about the Savior and how He can help us overcome adictions.  It was a really spiritual lesson and there were even a few kids there that loved it.  THe daughter showed up on her own at church with her daughter and niece.  The daughter and niece are going to get baptized next week and are super excited.  The ward fellowshipped them really well on Sunday and the kids are already involved in a play that the primary is going to do.  They were all so happy at the end of the services.  I just wish all our inviestgators could go to church just once to feel that happiness.  I am grateful that the Lord gives us promptings through the Holy Ghost to help us help Him with His wonderous work.  Elder Quinnelly and I were able to have a huge family home evening with an inactive family of about 20 from the ward.  IT was really fun and spiritual and all promised to go to church the next day.  3 of them showed up and my heart was a little saddened.  But i made sure to tell the 3 that they would be blessed beyond measure for making that decision.  Despite all the things we have to do this week, Elder Quinnely and I are determined to work hard and work through the Spirit to be able to bring about the Lords work and glory here in Chilpancingo.  I love this work and enjoy it so much.  I miss all of you and trust you are well.  I invite all to continue to pray to Heavenly Father on a daily basis to develop a very personal relationship with Him because that relationship helps me all the time.  Love you all!
Elder Stutz  

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