Monday, May 7, 2012

Hey Guys!
We had an excellent week of training!  All day Monday and Tuesday we were helping the elders with changes and preparing our things for consejo in Cuernavaca.  On wednesday we left to Cuernavaca early with the district leaders in our zone and traveled all day with lay overs at the bus stations.  We got there and stayed the night with some elders in Cuernavaca and woke up early on Thursday for our training.  It was an awesome two day training as all the zone and district leaders were there from the mission.  We learned a lot about the doctrine of Christ and real mission success.  President Spannaus taught us amazing things in those two days and it changed my mission and even my life.  President talked about Moses and his story with the children of Israel.  He mentioned that Moses always did his best even when everyone didnt believe.  Moses also didnt get the chance to see the promised land, he died before then.  The Lord, right before he died, also told him that his people would fall into wickedness and wouldnt be saved.  President then connected that to our mission.  He asked us how we would feel if at the end of our mission, the Lord told us that all our converts would go inactive.  It was a pretty emotional talk we had but he helped us realize that sucess in the mission isnt measured by number of baptisms, leadership positions, or number of active converts.  We are here to do the Lords will.  True success in the mission is measured by how much our relationship with Christ increases.  I am going to be focusing even more on that relationship in this next year of the mission.  So I have only had one or two days in my new area but I like it so far.  It was good to meet more members on Sunday and we actually experienced a miracle on sunday.  We were fasting that a lady in Tixtla would get confirmed even though we arent able to go to there services.  We are in charge of that area since it is closed right now.  We got a text from the branch president after there services saying she got confirmed so we were stoked about that!  Miracles are always happening and I am super excited for this next week to finally work in our area!  Love you all!  Sorry for such a short email, we got tons of things to do!!!
Elder Stutz    

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