Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Una Familia Eterna

Hey Everyone!
Unfortunately, today´s letter will be brief due to the busy schedule we have.  We are grateful to finally have the opportunity to write after several busy days.  Our prayers have been answered in the mission as 4 foreign missionaries arrived this past week of the 17 that were and are waiting for theirs visas to come through.  On Sunday, we went to the airport to pick up two elders from Honduras.  They had to serve a few months in their own country as they waited for their visas.  So they are very excited to finally be here in the Cuernavaca mission.  The day after on Monday, Elder Azueta and I returned to the airport to pick up two elders that came from the USA.  They both also served a few months in their country before receiving permission to enter the country.  Although we were not able to attend church on Sunday, we were blessed for our sacrifice for the mission.  During the week, while I was in divisions with a zone leader here in our area, we taught the family of four that we had started to teach a week ago.  They are the uncle, aunt, and cousins of an elder that left the ward about a month ago.  In that lesson, I felt prompted to focus a lot on the family while teaching the plan of salvation.  It was the first time that the dad had decided to listen to us so I was praying so hard for the Spirit in that lesson.  Thanks to our prayers and love for this family, the Spirit was so strong through the whole lesson as we talked of God´s purpose for us and the family, how we can be with our families forever, etc.  The mom cried a few times in the lesson as we explained how we can gain an eternal family.  We could feel so strong that that family truly desires to be together forever and that they would do anything to make each other happy.  We challenged them to be baptized on March 30th in order to take that first step towards achieving an eternal family.  They accepted and are currently preparing to be baptized.  When we found out we wouldnt be at church on Sunday, we were sad that we wouldnt be there to welcome this family to church since it was going to be their first time attending.  But we prayed all week that they would go and feel the Spirit strong enough to want to go back again next week.  We received the report from the other elders that they did go and that they stayed all three hours.  We called the family Sunday night to see how it went at church.  From what the mom said, it sounds like they loved it.  My biggest desire right now in my life is that this family can be baptized and one day be sealed as an eternal family in the temple.  I know that families can only continue being families after death if we are baptized and sealed by the proper priesthood authority of God.  This authority is only found in the church that Jesus Christ leads, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  I would love to tell you about other adventures in Acapulco, in divisions, etc. but they will have to wait till next week!  Love you guys a bunch!
Elder Stutz   

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