Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Las Impresiones del Espíritu

Hey Guys
The week went by so fast, im not sure where the time went.  But we had a cool experience on Wednesday as we were fulfilling a responsibility from President Kusch.  He sent us all the way to Acapulco to pick up an elder there in order to do a special change.  We were a little confused why this missionary didnt travel in the usual bus or why we went to get him, but we did it anyway.  Acapulco is about 4 hours away so we spent 8 hours in the car going there and bringing him back to Cuernavaca.  Elder Azueta and I were both totally wiped out.  On the way back, we were acting a little goofy in the car because of our tiredness but it was fun as we laughed it up with this elder.  We found out later in the week that this elder had been changed because of some depression.  We found out that we had helped him out a little just by having a fun time on the ride home.  That elder hadnt laughed or smiled much the last few months and he was able to enjoy himself for the first time in a while.  I was then grateful that President had sent us to make that sacrifice to help an elder out.  Last week, we didnt really work in our area once again but we were able to have a family home evening with several recent converts from the ward.  We played the good ol game of Spoons with them and talked about the importance of prioritizing in our lives to do the things that are most important, that have eternal value.  They seemed impacted by the lesson and we hope to see them continue to progress in the Gospel.  I really enjoyed this past Sunday in the Palmas ward.  Fast and testimony meeting is always really powerful and this past week was no exception.  About half way through the meeting, I literally felt like the Spirit carried me up to the stand after hearing such powerful testimonies from the members and from my companion.  I testified to the members of the reality of Jesus Christ and His Gospel, the ONLY way to return home to our Heavenly Father and to live with our families again.  I was touched by something I saw as well in that meeting.  Almost every Sunday, a homeless lady comes to our ward.  She is not a member and has some psychological problems I think, but she always comes to church.  We often see her in the street running around without much of a purpose, but when she comes to church, she always has a huge smile on her face.  This past Sunday, she showed up to sacrament meeting.  After changing seats a few times, she went to the very front row to watch and hear the testimonies.  She had that big smile on her face.  Although she may not understand everything, her spirit desires to be there where the Holy Ghost dwells.  Later on Sunday, Elder Azueta and I were busy taking the statistics of the mission.  About two weeks earlier when I was in Chilpancingo, I found out that Barbie (the 4 year old daughter of Alma) was going to have her bday this past Sunday.  About a week ago, I felt impressed to send with the zone leaders of Chilpo the Book of Mormon for kids book I had so that they could give it to Barbie for her bday.  On Sunday, I called the zone leaders to get their statistics.  Elder Mendez told me he was with Barbie and that they had just delivered the book to her.  I had left a little note inside for her.  He decided to pass the phone to her so that I could wish her a happy birthday.  She is extremely shy but she did tell me thanks for wishing her a happy bday.  When I told her bye on the phone she quickly said with her high, quiet voice, "I love you lots Elder Stutz".  My eyes watered up and I felt like my heart had melted.  I felt so happy that this young girl now has the opportunity to grow up in the Gospel and feel the Spirit in her home.  I am so grateful that the Spirit can guide us in our actions.  I am grateful He helped me feel in my mind and heart that I needed to send that book to Barbie.  I am grateful that He made me feel that we needed to knock on Alma´s door back in June 2012.  If we will just have faith, be obedient, and work, the Spirit will be permitted to touch our hearts and illuminate our minds so that we will know what to do.  May we not hesitate when acting upon these impressions.  May we not second guess the feelings or impressions we receive.  If it is something good that we feel we must do, we better do it as soon as possible.  I know the Lord wishes to guide us in our daily lives because of His interest in our well-being.  That interest comes from His love for us.  I love all of you and wish you a great week! 
Elder Stutz         

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