Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Si Guardáis los Mandamientos, Prosperaréis

Hey Everyone,
Sorry about sending this a day late, we were in Mexico City yesterday recieving two new americans for the mission.  We had fun this past week celebrating Sister Kusch´s birthday.  We went to the mission home to eat chocolate cake and ice cream to celebrate.  We gave her a picture frame of several pictures of the office elders and put at the top of the picture frame "Mis Hijos Mexicanos" (My Mexican Kids) because she always says that we are her kids here in Mexico.  We also played the game Chubby Bunny with giant marshmallows.  It was the first time that President and Sister Kusch had played so we all laughed quite a bit.  We had two zone conferences last week as well in Cuaulta and in Acapulco.  We actually spent valentines day traveling to Acapulco and saw a bunch of crazy stuff on the coast at night when we were arriving.  I felt like we were driving through the Las Vegas strip with all the clubs and parties.  As I reflected that night on my decision to serve a mission and set aside all personal things for two years, I realized that I have been able to focus on my relationship and friendship with my Savior.  I am so grateful for that because I have been able to come to know Him better.  We had a very funny experience in Acapulco after the zone conference.  A police officer walked into the church grounds and began to talk with me outside of the church as we were cleaning up.  He told me that we had broken a law by putting the trash out on the street during the daytime instead of "correctly" putting the trash out at night.  Elder Azueta came outside and the officer told us that we would need to pay a fine of $2750 pesos ($250 dollars) because of what we had done.  Elder Azueta and I knew it was fake because when he showed us the paper of possible fines, the one he chose was the most expensive by far on the list.  So we went along with it and told him we would pay the fine.  We asked him to give us the fine so that we could go to the city office and pay it.  It was then that he said, but the fine is really expensive right?  How about you guys just buy my boss and I a few sodas and snacks in the cornerstore and we will call it good and pretend like nothing happened here!  We explained that in our church we believe in honoring and obeying the law so we would be paying every peso of the fine.  I think he might of felt something and then said, Dont worry guys, we will be on our way.  So we almost got robbed by a police officer making up fake fines!!!  But my testimony of obeying the commandments of God was stregthened by this experience.  I thought of all the poor people that get tricked by those police officers that are just out to get money.  But, by wanting to obey a commnandment (honor and obey the law), we were able to be protected from being tricked or taken advantage of.  When we obey the commandments, we are protected physically and spiritually.  This past Sunday, Omar surprised us when he came to church and after feeling impressions from the Spirit, my companion and I asked the bishop to talk to him in his office to get him excited for his baptism and to help him feel more like a member of the ward.  When Omar left the bishop´s office, he had a new light in his face and told us he is getting baptized this saturday.  We are going to have the bishop baptize him.  We have seen Omar change so much and we know he has the faith neccessary to make this change in his life.  We are so excited for Saturday!  I just want to end by saying that this past week I have felt the Spirit on several occasions testify and tell me that I am meant to be here in Mexico during these specific years and months.  I know that I am doing the Lord´s work and I always want to strive to do it His way because it is the only way that works and it is the only way that people can be baptized with a real conversion in their heart.  The great thing about being a missionary for the true church of Jesus Christ is that we dont have to convince anyone, the Holy Ghost does it for us.  As we share the Gospel, we must always remember that truth.  No one of us is incapable of sharing the Gospel in a convincing way because we each are entitled to the companionship of the Holy Ghost.  When we open our mouths to share it, we can be confident that the Spirit will touch the hearts of those we talk to.  I am striving to make that same Spirit my best friend as I rely on His help and promptings every day and every hour.  Thanks to that focus, Elder Azueta and I have had very spiritual experiences that have stregthened us and those around us.  We ahve felt the Spirit work through us to bring about the will of the Lord here in this mission.  I love this work and wouldnt rather be doing anything else.  Love you all!
Elder Stutz         

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