Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Un Sentimiento Celestial

Hey Everyone!
We recieved exciting news this past week that 58 new missions will be opened in all the world and that 8 of those will be here in Mexico.  The Lord is accelerating His work and we have the privledge to be apart of it.  Today, President Kusch, Elder Azueta, and I enjoyed a nice little trip to visit a huge cave in our mission with enormous staglamites?  President needed a little break and we did too so he took us there to enjoy the beauty of the caverns.  Also, this past week we decided to do divisions with the zone leaders in Chilpancingo, Elder Mendez and Elder Pearson.  I felt great being back in the Heroico ward working in the hot sun.  We were able to visit several families that Elder Quinnelly and I had taught but that didnt progress too well.  We will see if one of them can progress toward baptism this comign month.  We were also able to visit Alma and her family to teach her dad, Ramon.  He is getting really close to baptism which is a pretty big miracle because when we were there he would listen but never wanted to pray, read, or go to church.  It felt great to be back and the whole day as we saw members and invesitgators, I just had the overwhelming feeling that what we had done, all the sacrifices and hard work, was all worth it.  The Lord had a plan for that area when we were there, and it continues to progress now.  This past week, we didnt work hardly at all in our area with the zone conferences and other responsibilities.  We were able to meet a beautiful family that is looking for the truth and I feel like they have been prepared.  We taught them the Restoration this past week and the Spirit was present.  The mom and her two daughters accepted baptismal date for the month of March.  We are trying to teach the dad as well because he is really nice but it is hard because he is a professor at a local college and is rarely home.  We were also able to help Omar get ready for his baptism which turned out great.  He was so happy after being baptized and confirmed on Sunday.  Our hope is that he continues in the Gospel, recieving the priesthood, a calling, and becomes a dedicated man to the Lord.  He has so much potential still to become a great influence for others!  Elder Azueta and I had the opportunity to attend the new missionary training meeting for the americans last week and we felt the Spirit so strong at one point.  When President asked us at the end if we wanted to add anything, Elder Azueta wanted to say some things that came to his mind.  The whole meeting was in english so he struggled expressing himself.  I put my hand on his shoulder and offered to help him by translating it.  We did so and the Spirit was felt as he instructed the new missionaries.  After his thought, Sister Kusch raised her hand and began to cry as she talked about how every companionship should be like ours, always wanting to help eachother and support eachother.  She praised the love felt in our companionship, fighting away tears, and it was a very beautiful experience.  I would like to end with a couple of thoughts I have been having the past few days.  I want to promise everyone that we can have a direct and real comunication with our Father in Heaven through prayer.  We can talk with Him, recieve direction from Him, and feel of His love.  This privledge of prayer is NOT limited to church membership, age, knowledge, or experience.  All of His children, or in other words, each and everyone of us has the right to talk with Him.  Also, there is one Christ-like attribute that has become highly important for me in these months of my mission: diligence.  I can honestly say that I love arriving home completely and absolutely exhausted every night.  I have decided that those feelings of complete exhaustion are heavenly feelings because they are evidence of willingness to serve and sacrifice.  I love being able to serve and sacrifice for others, especially for the Lord and His cause.  I hope everyone can be diligent in their efforts to serve and sacrifice this week so that those heavenly feelings of exhaustion can testify to us that we our striving to do our best and that we are willing to be better everyday.  Love you all!
Elder Stutz    

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