Monday, December 10, 2012

Debéis Volveros Como un Niño Pequeño

Hey Guys
We had a pretty excellent week this past week.  We started it with our zone bbq on monday in our house.  Everyone brought food so we ate well and had a few hours of great bonding time.  I got to know quite a few of the elders better and we really enjoyed ourselves.  On Tuesday, I did dvisions with Elder Cantú in Chilapa, a small village about 2 hours from Chilpo.  We focused on taking initiative and being persistent with recieving references from the members.  The village used to be the catholic capital of the country back in the day so it has a giant cathedral downtown that has a huge statue of Michael the archangel fighting with the devil.  It is a pretty cool place and the branch only has about 6 years since it was organized.  It was fun to meet some of the members, the pioneers of this village for the church.  We also had the chance to meet a single mom thisa week that is raising her three small children without a husband.  She is battling a very tough disease that makes her body very weak.  We were so touched by her circumstances and her intentions to know more about Christ and His church.  She will for sure be baptized in the future because she is so humble and in such need for the Gospel blessings in her life.  Margarita, the lady that got baptized last week, told us about a miracle that happened to her a few days before.  She needed to make a cake for some kind of assignment but didnt have the ingredients.  She couldnt leave the house at the moment and did not know what to do.  After thinking without coming up with a conclusion, she saw a big supply truck skid around the corner outside her house and out flew a full cardboard box in to the street.  The truck did not seem to notice that it had lost some cargo and continued down the road.  Margarita went outside to check what was in the box.  When she opened the box she found tons of the exact cookies that she needed to make the cake.  She thanked the Lord for the miracle.  HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!!  We loved being able to participate in the confirmations of Margarita, Oscar, and Ariana yeserday in sacrament meeting.  I confirmed Oscar and felt strongly that he will serve a mission one day and represent the Lord worthily.  That feeling brought me great joy!  I would like to end with an experience that has to do with us being thankful for the Gospel in our lives and sharing it faithfully with those aroundus as a result.  This experience happened when we were doing our ward visits to the inactive members of the ward.  A young kid of about 3 years ran out of his house to yell at us.  This kid is the younger brother of a young man in our ward.  The young man is the only member of his family.  Every time we pass his house, his younger brother runs out at screams ¨Nacho is in the house!!!¨  always thinking that we are going to visit him.  We pass by often and it is very rare that we are on that street to go visit his older brother.  But it is always funny when he does it.  We have just started teaching the dad of these two brothers.  He is going through many trials, trying to leave alcohol after 40 years of using it.  This time when we passed by, the little boy ran out and yelled ¨My dad is in the house!!!!¨  I laughed like usual but then felt a great feeling that this little boy´s spirit was pleading that we share the Gospel with his family.  What an example!!!  We can always learn so much from  the small children in our lives.  That we may be bold and fearless in our preaching of the Gospel like this innocent little boy to show our thanks for the blessings in our lives is my prayer!  I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!
Elder Stutz

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