Tuesday, November 13, 2012

¿Habéis Preguntado al Señor?

We had a full week of events!  We started with our multi-zone conference with President Kusch and his wife.  He spoke about everything we had heard in our mission council of zone leaders.  He spoke on the new requirements that each ward or branch will have to meet to qualify for missionaries.  If there is a ward or branch that does not meet those requirements, the missionaries will be moved to a different area.  This means, especially with the increase of future missionaries applying to serve, there can be up to 3 companionships in a ward or branch that does qualify.  In the next few months, the wards and branches are expected to make the neccessary changes to be able to keep their missionaries.  We also had a cool safety training that will certainly protect us and the leaders of the church here in Mexico.  Everything with the food turned out well after buying enough donuts, gatorade, and pizza for 80 people haha.  Later in the week, we had Ignacio and Arianas wedding.  It was fun to be there with them on such a special day.  Elder Quinnelly and I were witnesses at the wedding so we were right there in the action!!!!   I attached photos so you can see that they were very happy together.  The following day, we had a busy day baptizing.  We started with the service in the Centro ward.  We filled up the font and everything was ready so that we could have a great service.  Margarita, the women who got baptized, said an amazing opening prayer.  She began to cry in her prayer as she thanked the Lord for the opportunity to start over in her life and come to know the Savior better by following His example.  After the spiritual thoughts, Margarita and I moved into the font to perform the ordinance.  When we entered we found that the drain had automatically turned on so the water level was pretty low.  We decided to move on with the baptism and we just had to sumerge them a little more than usual haha.  But I baptized Margarita and Elder Quinnelly baptized Oscar, her 15 year old son.  There were several members there to support and they were both so happy.  After the service, we ran over to our church for Arianas baptism.  Her newly wed husband shared his testimony because he just got active again in the church after going inactive at the age of 15.  He began to cry as he looked at his wife in her white baptismal clothes.  He shared a touching testimony of his desire to have an eternal family with Ariana and his son that will be born in December.  The Spirit was so strong and I felt so grateful in that moment for the opportunity I had to meet this wonderful couple and teach them the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ.  I baptized Ariana and she too looked so content after having been baptized.  Yesterday we had stake conference.  We received a transmission from Salt Lake that I believe was directed to all spanish speaking countries.  We heard from some members of the seventy and from Elder Scott.  Elder Scott spoke to us in spanish of the blessings of the temple.  He talked about his wife a lot and shared a heartfelt testimony of the reality of eternal families in our lives.  Ariana and Ignacio were there to hear the talk and I hope and pray that they begin to prepare themselves to be sealed for time and all eternity.  I know that the Lord wants our families to last for eternity and I know it is possible through the restored priesthood that we have on the earth.  I also know that when any of us are in a tough situation in our lives that we can turn to the Lord in prayer to recieve direct guidance from His Holy Spirit.  Love you all!!
Elder Stutz 

pics of the wedding ( I was a witness and had to sign the paper to make it official!!) 

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