Monday, December 10, 2012

El Servicio Amoroso

hey guys!
I had a very crazy week that flew by very fast.  So last Monday, I found out that the Arroyo Quezada family was going to go to the temple to get sealed on saturday (Yemir and her family).  They invited Elder Pearson and I to go with them and we were super excited to go.  I called President Kusch to get permission.  He told me he would love for me to go but that he needed me in Cuernavaca for some meetings.  He then went on to tell me that the Lord wants me to serve as assistant to President Kusch.  I felt a little sad that I wasnt going to be able to attend the sealing but I was excited for the new assignment.  It was difficult to say bye to everyone in Chilpancingo.  I got to be great friends with the members and converts after being there so long.  There were tears shed and I took pictures with the ones I did have the opportunity to say goodbye to.  I then left to Cuernavaca on wednesday to begin to learn my responsibilities.  Elder Forrest is the assistant that left and he trained me all week.  He was in my BYU leadership class and we met in the MTC so we were already great friends.  I am now with Elder Azueta who has just a month being assistant.  He is from Mérida, Yucatán, México.  He has about 15 months in the mission and we are already great friends.  He is super funny and cool!  We were busy all week planning the changes.  We are in charge of transporting all 190 missionaries in the mission so we lost some sleep and were super busy.  I was sick with a cold all week so I am glad I got through it haha.  I am getting to know Excel better as it helps us plan and be better organized.  The best part of last week was Thanksgiving.  President and Sister Kusch invited us to eat dinner with them.  We went with the 4 secretary missionaries from the offices and we ate an american thanksgiving dinner in the mission home.  I felt like I was in my house for the first time on the mission haha.  After the dinner, President and sister Kusch, by our surprise, invited us to watch the Cowboys vs. Redskins game.  It was real fun, we had a blast!  As assistants, we do have a ward that we work in, the Palmas ward.  We dont get to work much but when we get a chance we teach a quick lesson.  We use most of our time helping president with whatever he needs.  We live in an apartment with two of the secretaries so the apartment is a little bit bigger.  The mission home and the mission offices are about 10 minutes walking distance from eachother, so thats convenient.  We do drive a toyota corolla that is super nice.  I am not allowed to drive it until next week so that should be fun.  I am super excited because in the coming months we have a ton of activities for the mission.  In December, we are traveling to all the zones to have Christmas conferences and in January we have zone conferences.  So Elder Azueta and I will be on the road a lot and we will be mainly focused on the missionaries.  It is weird to go through a full day and not teach a single lesson.  It is also weird to realize that all of your thoughts are revolved around the missionaries and not at all on investigators.  I will have to get used to it but I do love serving and helping out the missionaries.  One nice thijng is that I know that I will finish my mission here so there is comfort in knowing the fate of the next 6 months.  I did get the opportunity to talk with Elder Oswald last night because he goes home this week.  It was awesome to catch up with him and we are stoked to hang out at BYU after the mission.  Today we have the opportunity to go to the airport to pick up all the new missionaries coming from the MTC in Provo.  I am excited to help them start to love the mission a ton.  Even though I have been sick and I havent slept much, I am feeling great!!  I am loving the work and I hope to serve President and the Lord the best way I can.  I taught one lesson this Sunday in a rehab center.  We recieved a reference from a family of recent converts from the state of Mexico of a son that is in this rehab center.  He came out and surprised us by his great manners and relaxed appearance.  He is just a regular 20 year old that got caught up with the wrong friends.  But he is doing really well.  He has already read up to Alma in the Book of Mormon and wants to get baptized even though he hasnt gone to church.  We wanted to put him with a baptismal date but we were not sure when he could because he is in the rehab center.  Elder Forrest must have felt inspired because he challenged him to be baptized on March 22nd of next year.  The young man said yes with a smile on his face and told us that his scheduled date to leave the center is March 21st!!!!  I love seeing miracles like this in the mission.  Love you all!!!!      
Elder Stutz    

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