Monday, June 25, 2012

El Que Es Feliz Permanecerá Feliz

Hey everyone!!!!
The Lord is blessing me and my companion so much right now and we are
really finding joy in our loving service here in Chilpancingo.  Last
week, Alma (our convert) told me that the confirmation she recieve
from me touched her heart and that the words I spoke were exactly what
she needed to hear.  I told her that the Lord speaks through us as
priesthood holders to His children here on earth. I remember feeling
the Spirit so strong during that confirmation and I knew that I was
saying things that came directly from the Spirit.  Throughout my
studies this week, I decided to accept the challenge the Elder Scott
gave us in the November conference to memorize more scriptures because
its like making a new friend everytime we do it.  I have been able to
enjoy the Spirit more throughout the day as my daily memorized
scripture helps me cast out bad and negative thoughts.  We worked
extremely hard this last week with the members, contacting, in
everything.  We were blessed for our efforts.  We have been able to
find and teach several families and we have had very powerful lessons
with them.  The Lord blessed us on Sunday when 16 people we are
teaching showed up to sacrament meeting.  The ward was so alive and
excited to see so many new faces and they did a great job
fellowshipping those that were there for the first time.  We taught
the Gospel Principles and Elders Quorum classes and they turned out
great, thanks to the Spirit.  The investigators loved church and
stayed all 3 hours.  We are so excited for them and we anticipate
several baptisms in the coming month.  This week, Andreas older
brother Alberto is going to get baptized.  He is 12 and has really
enjoyed reading the war chapters in the Book of Mormon and being with
the young men.  This week we will be very busy with several things.
We have a ward missionary activity on Friday.  We are doing a food
making contest.  The sisters in the ward are going to prepare their
personal Pozole (a very popular dish here) and their best dessert and
the bishop is going to judge who has the best of each.  We are also
going to have a tour of the church for those that are visiting.  We
are stoked for the activity and the ward seems excited too.  On
Saturday, we have our Counsel of zone leaders with our new mission
president.  He gets here Friday and we, the 20 zone leaders, have the
privilege of meeting him first and getting him settled in the mission.
In my studies this past week, I continued to study about what I
mentioned last week of the pain and sorrow we feel as servants of the
Lord when people do not accept nor live the Gospel.  I noticed this
past week that with all those prophets I studied, all experienced
similar experiences of
1. Feeling that pain and sorrow because of the sins and pride of the people
2. A new hope in the Atonement of Jesus Christ
3. The desire to share this new hope with the world so that all may
have the opportunity to come unto Christ and be saved and happy.
Today, I wanted to thank all my friends and family for your examples,
friendship and love.  Thanks to your help, I have gained a personal
testimony of the Savior and His atoning power.  I know that all can be
saved, that the plan of the Father is meant for everyone.  I know
anyone can change for the better and that it will always and forver be
worth it when we achieve an eternal life with our Heavenly Father,
Jesus Christ, and our families.  Love you all!  Thanks for
Elder Stutz

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