Monday, June 11, 2012

Un Sacrificio Aceptable

Hey Everyone
Things are going well here in Chilpancingo.  We have been dealing with changes all day today, sending elders out and recieving others.  So most of the day has been spent in the bus terminal.  But we are excited for the changes that we had and we believe they will help us with the excitement and the success in the zone.  We continue to seek out the families in our area that need the Gospel in their lives and that are willing to act and make changes in their lives so that they can have eternal families.  We have found several families but its like the scriptures say, many are called but few are chosen.  We have seen the evidence of that in our area this past week.  We have found families and have taught them about eternal families and they all want that blessing in their lives.  But only a select few have been willing to act upon that desire by praying, reading, and going to church.  It is disappointing to see that laziness or pride gets in the way sometimes of families enjoying an eternal happiness together.  We are going to have a baptism this week of 2 people from the same family.  This lady and her niece are two of the few that are chosen.  They have gone to church consistently, they always read in the Book of Mormon, and they pray everyday.  With that sacrifice of time, they have been blessed with answers to their sincere prayers.  Alma, the 25 year old that is getting baptized, was blessed with a dream.  The night after we taught her about Joseph Smith and his first vision, she prayed to know if it was true.  That night she dreamed that two men put their hands on her head like the image of Joseph Smith recieving the priesthood that we had showed her.  The men were wearing white shirts with long sleeves and when they placed their hands on her head, she felt the Spirit and from that dream, knew that all we had taught her was true.  I know she recieved this answer because of her faith and her diligence in doing the simple things every day.  We took her to a baptism in the zone this past week and after the service she told me that she wanted to be in the water and that she is so excited for this next Saturday to be baptized.  I am grateful for those miracles that our Heavenly Father works in our lives and the lives of others to help them make the correct decisions, like getting baptized.  This past week, I spent a lot of time studying, praying, and thinking about my life and the mission.  I thought a lot about the priciple and doctrine of sacrifice.  As I studied the examples of sacrifice in the scriptures I learned so much and now feel more ready to give an acceptable sacrifice to my Heavenly Father during these 2 years.  As members of the true church of Jesus Christ, we have such a privilege and blessing with the happiness that we enjoy in the Gospel.  Our Heavenly Father expects us to sacrifice a little bit so that we can learn to be like Him.  As I read in the scriptures, I learned that the only difference between the sacrifices of Cain and Abel was FAITH and LISTENING TO THE VOICE OF THE LORD.  If we have faith in the will of the Lord and in His timing and if we listen closely to the whisperings of the Holy Ghost, we will know what kind of sacrifice we need to offer to the Lord so that we can recieve eternal life.  I love the example of Joseph Smith when the Lord tells him in D/C 132 that he recieved his salvation because of the sacrifices that he made on this earth and for his willingness to always obey the Lords commandments to him.  I am grateful for the greatest sacrifice every made, the one of our Savior.  We too must sacrifice time and energy to be able to become like Him.  I pray that we can start today, because tomorrow will be too late.  I also hope that I am offering up an acceptable sacrifice to my Lord and King everyday of my life, not just in these two years.  I love you guys for helping and supporting me in that desire I have.  Have a great week!!!!!
Elder Stutz

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