Thursday, January 31, 2013

Ver a los Demás Como Pueden Llegar a Ser

Hey Guys
Another great week it has been in the service of the Lord.  We traveled quite a bit this past week, attending the 3 conferences that we planned in the mission with Elder Zivic, a member of the first quorom of the seventy.  All the preparations and planning really paid off as we were able to be instruct from on high by a servant of the Lord.  It certainly was a great priveledge being present in all three conferences to listen to every detail and teaching from Elder Zivic and his wife.  In the conferences, Elder Azueta and I gave a 10 minute presentation on the vision, goals, and plans of the mission in 2013.  It was great to be able to present it to the whole mission so that every companionship and missionary has the same mindset and expectation of what they can achieve.  My favorite part of the mission tour with Elder Zivic was the interview Elder Azueta and I had with him, his wife, President Kusch, and Sister Kusch.  He asked us several questions about the mission, how we can improve, how are we setting the example, etc.  At the end, Elder Zivic asked President Kusch and Sister Kusch to share their feelings about us.  They both began to cry a little as they expressed to him that we are diligent and faithful in everything that we do.  President Kusch said that he hasnt met many young men like us.  The Spirit was very strong in that moment and I loved what Elder Zivic said after they had basically praised us and our work.  He said, Well I hope that is all true.  I hope you two also realize that after hearing that directly from them, that you are now under even more responsibility to be as perfect as you can be as representatives of Christ and as missionaries in this mission.  I felt the Spirit so strong when he said that and I felt the great expectations that the Lord has for me, the same expectation expressed in the scriptures "Be ye therefore PERFECT".  Elder Zivic corrected us in many ways while here.  He emphasized the importance of baptisms that we as a mission perhaps had lost for a while.  He also corrected how we as assistants work.  For example, this week we were going to travel to Acapulco, Cuatla, Chilpancingo, and Zihuatenejo to give our training to the other zones during interviews.  Elder Zivic said that is is not ok that we are outside of our area for so long and that it would be impossible for us to set the example for the mission with so little time working in our own area.  So all of our trainings have been cancelled and for the first time in this area, we will be working everyday in our area.  We feel a little sad because we really loved being able to help the missionaries to get better, but we are so excited to be able to work to have several baptisms and set the example for the mission.  As a mission, we are struggling right now as far as baptisms go and Elder Azueta and I are resolved to help fix that by putting the example.  Last week, we were going to baptize a family of 3 on Saturday.  We taught them on Friday night and they were totally ready for their interview Saturday morning.  When we arrived to have the interview,they were not there and they didnt answer their phone all day.  We still dont know why they disappeared so we are praying with a lot of faith to be able to find them this week and have their baptism this saturday.  A positive thing that happened in our area was a great lesson with a young woman named Alejandra.  We had taught her before Christmas because she studies here in Cuernavaca.  She went home to her village for the holidays and just got back.  While she was gone she read the Book of Mormon a little and prayed.  She told us she feels she has felt an answer that it is true and wants to get baptized this coming saturday!  She came to church and is so excited to get baptized.  The women in the relief society have done a great job fellowshipping her and getting her excited for her baptism.  So we are praying and working to have four baptisms this saturday and the rest of the work we will do will be to havve many people to baptize for next month.  While reading the talk by President Monson from General Conference this morning, I felt the Spirit testify to me that as we see others, not as they are, but how they can become with a testimony and conversion of the Gospel, we can change the attitudes and mindsets around us.  We may think that someone will never repent or never change and if we think that way, we will never be able to help them.  But if we see them how they can become, we will receive the direction and revelation from heaven to know how to help them change.  I know that is true because I have seen many people change that at first, didnt seem like they ever had a chance.  Love you all!  Make sure you see people how they can become with the potential they have so that you can help them progress and be happier.  Also, dont forget to see yourselves with the divine potential that you have because by setting goals and striving to achieve them, we can become better everyday.  Lots of Love!
Elder Stutz 

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