Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mi Gozo Es Más Completo Por El Éxito De Mis Hermanos

Hey Everyone
Hopefully everyone is enjoying the new year because we sure are.  Elder Azueta and I had a very busy week last week with trips to and from the airport, mission counsel, transfers, and other things to help president out.  We were actually so busy that we didnt teach any lessons in our own area.  We had the mission counsel with the zone leaders last wednesday.  It was a great meeting, especially because we just had transfers and we invited the new zone leaders to come.  All the new zone leaders are missionaries with experience that I have a great friendship with so it was great to see all of them there, ready to begin their service.  Elder Azueta and I felt the Spirit so strong as we trained the zone leaders and also when President taught us about personal conversion and the importance of being excellent teachers and excellent missionaries.  One thing I love about being assistant is being able to be instructed by president at random times during the day.  For example, in our attempt to have a more obedient mission, president has had to send several elders home recently.  It is a sad event but as we felt that sadness for our fellow brethren, president taught us of the importance of obedience.  He has told us that in all of his experiences as a priesthood leader, he has never faced serious problems of people that have been obedient to the Gospel.  Those who are disobedient later have problems that can become very serious.  I am grateful for the opportunity to be obedient and earn the blessings that the Lord is willing to give me.  I have also had the opportunity to apply the atonement and sacrifice my own will to accept the will of the Lord the last couple of weeks.  The ward we are currently in is an amazing ward.  The bishop is amazing and the members are usually willing to work.  Our ward mission leader is the best!!!  He got reactivated recently and is giving it his all in his calling.  The unfortunate thing is that we never have time to see the members, get to know them, work with their references, etc.  Every time we set up appointments with the bishop or ward mission leader, we have to cancel for things that come up in the mission.  It is the ward that I have always wanted in the mission.  I always feel terrible for our lack of time and for not being able to participate in the missionary work in the ward.  I have had to apply the atonement to overcome those feelings of disappointment or sadness.  The positive thing is that I have been blessed with a lot of joy as I have witnessed the success of my brethren in the mission.  Like Alma (Alma 29:14), my joy is more complete when I see the success of the other missionaries and when I am able to serve them so that they have more success.  I am also so grateful for the opportunity to constantly help the elders in the mission become more converted to the Savior.  I received an answer to my prayers this past week as I was trying to overcome feelings of disappointment.  As I read the Liahona, I found a quote from one of my ancestors named John Tanner.  He said, ¨Conversion is the greatest miracle.  It is even more wonderful than healing the sick or raising the dead.  For while a person who is healed will eventually fall sick again and ultimately die, the miracle of conversion can last forever and affect the eternities for the convert as well as for his or her posterity.  Whole generations are healed and redeemed from death through the miracle of conversion.¨  I know that as we invite others to come unto Christ, we are offering eternal happiness and it is even greater than healing a blind man or raising the dead.  I also know that as we work with the missionaries in the mission, focusing on their personal conversion, we will see an infinite amount of eternal fruit for our efforts.  I am always willing to give up my own will so that the will of the Lord can rescue my fellow brethren and give them success.  I love being able to be a part of such a humbling work.  I love you all!!!!
Elder Stutz           

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