Thursday, January 31, 2013

Entrelazados Sus Corazones

Hey Guys,
We will start todays letter with what we did last pday.  We had the opportunity to go to Tepoztlan to climb the pyramid.  We went with a couple companionships from our zone.  We climbed to the pyramid and hiked down pretty quick to be able to visit a few people while there.  I was able to say hi to a few members that I hadnt seen for over a year.  We went and ate with one of my favorite sisters there, Sister Cande.  She made us lunch and we talked a little about the branch.  It was tough for me to hear of the struggles going on, especially for the recent converts.  Instead of growing, the branch has struggled as of late.  But Sister Cande mentioned something that kept my spirits up.  She told me that she was grateful to feel of the spirit that I carry with me again.  She admited that while I was there, she noticed I was blessed with the gift of tongues and the gift of helping others become converted.  I was touched by her words.  I hope and pray that that branch there can stay strong and can become a ward one day.  The rest of the week was spent in the Palmas ward!  Elder Azueta and I loved being back in the action, teaching the members, less actives, and members.  We had quite an emotional and spiritual roller coaster with some of our investigators.  On Monday, we went to see Norma, Karen, and Abram.  They said they didnt show up for their baptismal interview last week because Karen had to go to the hospital for her asthma.  We took four of the strongest members of the ward to their house to have a super powerful lesson so that they would feel the Spirit and committ again to be baptized.  The lesson was very powerful as the members shared their testimonies and we were able to resolve some of the doubts they had.  They accepted the invitation to be baptized on the 26th!  We decided to do a special fast for them before our next appointment so that they could stick to that committment to be baptized.  When we returned to teach them, Norma was in a panic and explained to us that her mom in Acapulco was put in the hospital and was in really bad shape.  We tried to calm her down by explaining about the plan of salvation and the Atonement but she was not accepting any of it.  I felt an impression to take out my hymn book so I told Elder Azueta that we would sing them some hymns to bring the spirit into their home.  We did so and it seemed to help.  Norma decided to go to Acapulco instead of being baptized and for the moment, we are going to stop teaching them because they need time.  But we did find success this past week with other investigators.  We went to see Luigi in the rehab center again and he is doing awesome!  He has quit smoking and has been able to do so by reading the Book of Mormon daily.  He was actually able to get permission to leave the rehab center for a couple hours to attend our baptism this past saturday.  He loved it and is so excited to be baptized in March.  We are also working with two other investigators who will be baptized on Feburary 9th!  We are working with a man named Omar who loves coming to church.  He is especially loving the book of Lorenzo Snow that we have studied in priesthood.  We are also working with a friend of a sister in the ward.  She is going through some depression so we are trying to help her by teaching her the restored gospel.  They have both accepted to be baptized.  We also meet a lady this week who is a friend of a member.  This lady has gone through many many trials and is looking for answers.  Her 10 year old son died a year ago and her husband was killed a month ago.  We were able to teach her the plan of salvation this past week and we are excited to help her with the trials she is going through.  Alejandra got baptized on saturday and the service was so spiritual.  We combined the service with the other ward, Vista Hermosa, who had two baptisms.  Several members and investigators came and the service turned out great.  Alejandra was beaming on her baptism day.  She has become converted to the Gospel so quickly.  We only taught her 4 lessons before her baptism but she was able to become converted because of her effort and dedication.  She read the Book of Mormon every night, prayed daily, went to church both weeks, and attends institute 3 times a week.  She is now getting involved with the Relief Society during the week.  She is 21 years old so I hope she chooses to serve a mission in the coming years.  Just a quick thought to finish of something I have learned in the scriptures and in the Palmas ward.  In Mosiah 18:21-22 we learn that a pre-rec to being missionaries and having success in a ward or branch is unity.  We must love each other first before we can show love for others by sharing the Gospel.  If we are united, those looking for the truth will be lead to us and they will feel the love of their Father in Heaven when they are around us.  We have felt that love and unity in this ward.  Love you all!  Have a fantastic week!
Elder Stutz

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