Friday, November 9, 2012

Organizó Sus Fuerzas y Nombró Mensajeros

Hey Guys
This last week we had mission council with all the zone leaders and it was a good time.  We did it on halloween and we had it in presidents house.  There are a lot of changes going on in Mexico as far as the mssionary work goes.  In the whole contry, we are not allowed to contact.  We can only work through references.  The wards and branches are also going to have to help us more.  There will be strict requirements that each ward and branch have to complete to qualify to have missionaries.  These changes arent being made overnight but after a few months everything will be on track.  The reason the work is changing is because less than 10% of the baptisms here stay active.  So we need more participation from the ward leaders and members.  This will change the church here in Mexico.  Elder Bednar said the following about these changes:  We are going to start doing the work how we should have being doing it from the start.  So we are pumped for these changes and we are really trying to help the members get used to it and get more active in the Gospel.  We will be having a multi zone conference tomorrow here in Chilpancingo to talk about these changes and about security.  Elder Quinnelly and I are busy all day today preparing this event for 80 people. (I am so grateful for Sams club when we have to feed 80 people breakfast and lunch!!)  As for the work in our area, last week was kind of tough because our three baptims fell.  But they are all happening this week now, including the wedding of Ignacio and Ariana.  I am stoked for that because they are both awesome friends of mine now.  Margarita and Oscar are also going to be baptized this coming Saturday along with Dulce.  We continue to make posters for the members in the ward to help them keep track of their spiritual progress in the home.  We love making them because we feel like it is a good way to really leave something behind in this ward that will benefit them for the future.  We also started our new ward activity of visits every friday to get the members more active in the Gospel.  Before, no one visited anyone in the ward.  But this past friday we did this activity and 8 people came.  We were able to do several inspired visits and we expect to have a lot more members there this Friday.  I feel that these visits are going to change the unity and love in this ward forever.   love this work and I am so grateful that I have been in this ward so long to see a little bit of progress and most of all, to dedicated so much time, thoughts, and energy to the Lord so that he can bless the people in the Heroico ward.  Love all you guys.  Hope all is well and that everyone has a great week!
Elder Stutz          

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