Monday, January 2, 2012

Nuevo Año, Nueva Disposición

Feliz Año Nuevo a todos! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. We sure did as we lost power again haha! There has been some crazy wind storms in Tepoztlán at night so New years eve night we actually just went home early and went to bed! We really enjoyed this past week as we really felt that we were being guided by the Spirit to the people that have been prepared and the people that are willing to listen to our message. We found a lot of new investigators this past week through contacting and through working with the less active members because most of them are the only members in their respective families. We used the Book of Mormon better this week as well as we really focused on the need for our investigators to recieve an answer that it is true so that they will have that foundation of testimony for when they prepare to be baptized and continue in the Church throughout their lives. We did some service for a less active the other day, desgraining corn on the cob for a few hours. We cut up our hands pretty good but it was worth it to be able to talk about the Gospel with the family and get them excited again about coming to church. We also had an experience on Saturday with the Spirit. We were walking to an appointment and I saw a man washing dishes outside his house. The thought came to mind to ask him if we could help him. I choose to ignore the small little thought and we kept walking. Once we got a block away I told my companion that we needed to go back and help this guy wash his dishes. He accepted our offer and we washed for about an hour while talking about the Book of Mormon. He was pretty interested but I think it was the fact that we had brought the Spirit into his home with our attitude of service. One thing I love saying to the people here when we are offering service is `Hey we are representatives of Jesus Christ here in Tepoztlán and since Christ served His whole life, we are here to serve you. What can we do as representatives of Him for you and your family?` We have found a lot of success as we serve others and demonstrate charity, the pure love of Christ. Next week we have a baptism planned for Hugo, an investigator in San Andres. He is 21 and an amazing guy. He is working to overcome some addictions right now and is so stoked for his baptism!!! We are so excited for him and for his excitement and willingness to change his life around to be happier. I want to end with my testimony and new years resolution. I am very grateful and excited for this upcoming year. I love being in the service of my Savior Jesus Christ and being able to respresent Him here in Mexico. I love Him so much and now have a greater desire and dispostion to serve Him and work to become more like Him this year. I need to take advantage of this short time I have right now to develop Christ-like attributes in my personality and become the servant, priesthood holder, future husband and father that He needs and expects me to be. I love the work we do daily and find great joy in following the Spirit to the elect of God. Love you all and hope for the best this upcoming year!
Elder Stutz

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