Monday, January 16, 2012

La Paciencia

Hey Guys!
Another good week of hard work. We were a little disappointed this weekend when Hugo did not end up getting baptized. Everything was going great leading to the baptism and he was super pumped. He showed up to the baptism a little late and pulled us into a room. He explained how things are a little rocky with his parents so he wants to talk to them and work things out before he gets baptized. At first I was bummed but as we continued talking I felt how much I loved him and desired the best for him. I saw that this event in his life is so important to him that he wants to make sure his parents can see it and can be at least more or less in agreement with it. We hope he can get baptized this coming week because he is so ready and so excited. To start the week we did divisiones with Zapata and I went with the District Leader, Elder Smith. It was our 4th division together and he is definitely my best friend in the mission so it went really well. We had a real successful day serving is his area and I learned a lot from him. He definitely reminds me a ton of some of my closest friends from home and we had a lot of great conversations about life. He is the man!! Elder Bangerter and I continue working hard here in Tepoztlan. It is difficult at times because Tepoztlan is a pure party town. There is a huge party every night with fireworks, drunks, music, etc. Not a lot of people are willing to change their traditions here but we know there are people out there ready and prepared to hear our message so we are doing everything we can to find. Sometimes this work requires a little bit of patience and I am learning to develop that Christ-like attribute right now. Hope everyone is doing well and is happy and making great decisions because I know when we obey the commandments we are happy!!! Love you all!
Elder Stutz

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