Monday, September 26, 2011

Otro Testamento de Jesucristo

Hey Guys!

Another great week in the service of the Lord! Lots of hard work, lots of testimony-building experiences. Elder Oswald and I really focused on the Book of Mormon this week. We have realized that it is the best tool we have in this work of the Lord. We have had some amazing experiences with multiple people as we have explained the book, read it with others, and witnessed others pray about its truthfulness. I have learned to love it even more here in the mission field. It is filled with answers to questions of the soul and it is the key to find out if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is really the one church of Jesus Christ on the earth today. If we have a testimony of the Book of Mormon, we know Joseph Smith was a prophet and that this Church is true. We also know that Jesus Christ is our Savior and that our Heavenly Father has a plan for us on this earth. I find myself having a really hard time putting the book down every morning when we leave the house to do the work. I love sharing it with others; whether it be on a taxi, a bus, in someones house or in the street, the book always brings the Spirit. Yesterday in our Preach My Gospel class, we talked about this wonderful book and gave every member a copy so that they could write their testimony in it and give it to a friend this week. I love the story of Lehis dream in the Book of Mormon. As I have dissected that vision, I noticed that giving someone a Book of Mormon is literally like taking them to the end of the iron rod so they can press their way forward to partake of the fruit of the tree, the most desirable. Without the Book of Mormon, we cannot get to the tree. How important it is that we share the Book of Mormon with our friends. With a testimony of the Book of Mormon, we also know that there are living apostles and a living prophet on the earth today. I am so excited to hear from these servants of the Lord this weekend!! It will be interesting this time around watching it in Spanish, but im confident it will bring the same Spirit and guidance for what each of us needs right now in our lives. Sorry for the lack of details in this email. We have been working hard here in Tepoztlan, especially with the members. We try to teach one member every day so that we can keep teaching throughout the day, keep the Spirit with us, and help strengthen the members here. We are still looking for somewhere else to have services because the little room we meet in is not sufficient for the number we have now in the branch. Ill have more details next week though. I know this work is the Lords work and that He is directing it because there is no way I could do this work alone. I love my Savior. Hope everyone has a fantastic week!!!!!
Mucho Amor
Elder Stutz

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