Monday, September 19, 2011


Hola Hola
Had a pretty crazy week this week with the Mexican Independence day and all those festivities. A whole lot of partying going on in Tepoztlan (which is normal so there was much more than usual). We had some drunk American tourists yelling at us from the restaurants USA! USA!! haha We were a little embarrased because it was the Mexican Independence Day but we thought it was pretty funny. We had a stake party in Civac to celebrate the day and they had a bunch of regional dances and food. We gave a little church tour to those investigators that came to the party so it was a good time. We met a really nice guy this week named Abraham that speaks english and he just talks our ears off. We have had a few great conversations with him and he is really interested in the Church because he has realized that the Catholic church is not the right church and he is very curious of us and why we would give up two years in the prime of our life. He is so nice and we hope to teach him here in the near future. One let down this week was that Elder Oswald had his bday!! But it was a rough day for us as all our citas dropped and it was just a really down day. I felt bad for him that it was such a let down day but at least the Sister that we ate with made 3 leches cake! Our happiness from the slow week came on Sunday. We gave talks again and Elder Oswald got all mad at me because I spoke before him and took 25 minutes, so he was only left with about 10. I apologized but told him that it literally felt like a 5 minute talk. So either i spoke incredibly slow, or I was filled with the Spirit. I think it was a mixture of the 2 haha. Afterwards, we taught our new class that we are starting up: Preach My Gospel. We have 4 members in the class with us and we are going to teach them how to share the Gospel with their friends. We are super excited for this class and we know its going to bless this branch and the Tepoztlan area. We had a great discussion this Sunday about the pre-earth life and how our spirits have already been taught everything about the Gospel. When we share the Gospel with others, they feel the Spirit. This occurs because the Holy Ghost is reminding our friends spirit things that it has already learned in the pre-earth life. Ít is an amazing concept and when we have faith in it, we are never scared to share the Gospel with others because we know that they have already learned it before and have accepted this plan of happiness that our Father in Heaven created for us. Yesterday, Elder Oswald and I also took all our notes from the special mission conference with Elder Ballard and wrote up a covenant with some goals that we are going to complete so we can baptize more. We prayed hard about this covenant and we know that if we keep these goals that we have set, the Lord is going to bless us with people that are ready to make their covenant with Him of baptism. We are very excited for this next week! Hope its a great one for all of you. Love ya, appreciate ya!!
Elder Stutz

Here are a few answers to some questions we asked to Elder Stutz...
The Mexican people tend to be shorter in stature – have you observed this and if so, do you feel really tall among the people?
Ya i have hit my head on the tops of doorframes countless times haha
Have people commented on your height? ya a few people have but not too often
How is the language? Its coming along nice and super slow haha I still have troubles sometimes understanding and speaking is still a struggle at times. Im just trying to do my best. Reading El Libro de Mormon outloud has really helped me i think.
Have you dreamed in Spanish yet? I dream about trying to speak the language if that makes sense. I always dream about being home but some things are in spanish so its pretty weird
What is the temple district of Cuernavaca –Mexico City??? Ya its mexico city. Mariana, the girl that i baptized, and Ivan are planning on getting married there in a year so if they invite we would be able to go!! But that is the only way we get to go to the temple in this mission
How are your clothes holding up? Pretty well, they don't get too clean cause we have to wash them ourselves now. Are your white shirts still nice and white? more or less haha
Are you still sleeping well at night? i never wake up in the middle of the night cause im always so dead tired haha Does it cool off enough at night for you to sleep? ya it cools off well in tepoz, and its pretty cold in the mornings
Are you wearing mosquito repellent all the time? i havent used any haha apparently it doesnt work that well and i only get bit in the middle of the night and i dont want my bed smelling like the repellant
Do you ever get the Ensign or Liahona magazines? ya we get liahona in engligh and spanish. the last one we got was all about marriage. I have to admit, Elder Oswald and I were loving reading and studying about it haha Do you get material from the church to give to investigators? Ya we have all the pamphlets and books of mormon, and we can buy dvds for fairly cheap to give to investigators

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