Thursday, April 18, 2013

Sanadores de Almas

Hey Guys!
What a great week finished off with a great edifying experience listening to General Conference.  We had yet another mission council with the zone leaders this past week.  I think it was my favorite council of all time.  We talked about a lot of things in order to find more investigators to teach and to help more people set the goal of a baptismal date.  We have set a goal in the mission to baptize at least 200 people in the month of May.  We have been slowly progressing every month since the recent changes last year and we feel that we are close to reaching that goal.  Elder Azueta and I, with our recent experiences in our own area, are challenging the zone leaders to focus on finding, teaching, and baptizing families.  Only families sealed by the holy priesthood in the house of God can dwell in the Celestial Kingdom.  So if we desire to help these people reach eternal life, we are going to focus always on families.  That focus in the mission will help us not only baptize more, but bring about a real growth in the church in the stakes of our mission.  We will be praying and fasting often to receive the divine help we will need to reach this goal.  We are preparing a baptism in our area for this Saturday.  Martha and her daughter, Claudia, are preparing to baptized that day.  They have enjoyed the lessons, the Book of Mormon, and attending church.  This week we want to help them really feel in their hearts that this is the true church of Jesus Christ on the Earth.  We want them to experience a deeper conversion and be 100% ready for their baptism.  This past week, we had the privilege to go teach the Duque family.  We decided to teach a lesson on modern prophets and apostles to pump them up for General Conference.  We wanted to show them a video on on prophets.  While Karla, the little 8 year old, was looking for the video, I was showing her the temples found on the site.  She was telling me which ones were her favorites and which ones looked more like castles.  I clicked on the Mexico City temple and when it came up she asked me, "that is the temple that my family and I will go to really soon right?"  My heart filled with joy and I nodded yes to respond to that inspired, eight-year-old question.  We were privileged to watch the priesthood session with Brother José Felipe Duque.  He came in his new white shirt and tie that we had given him.  He actually arrived about an hour and a half early, so we knew he was excited for the conference.  The talks in that session were excellent.  José Felipe actually cried a little during President Monson´s talk, being touched by the Spirit.  The next day, the Duque family showed up nice and early in their Sunday best to watch both sessions.  They were are beaming as they enjoyed the talks that were given.  I decided to watch the sessions in Spanish this time to enjoy my last General Conference in Mexico and to watch it with the Duque family.  After the sessions, both Guillermina and José Felipe told us that they both felt something really special and began to cry as President Monson spoke.  We testified to them that those feelings came from the Spirit, testifying that he is a real prophet of God in these days.  One thing that really touched me from the priesthood session was a thought that President Uchtdorf shared.  He said that as priesthood holders we must be "healers of souls".  We must help those that are weighed down by their sins, stresses, problems, addictions, etc.  I will strive these next few months to be a healer of souls for those that the Lord places in my path.  I also enjoyed from the Saturday afternoon session the talk by Elder Cook.  Although we will not experience complete world peace in these days, we can enjoy family and individual peace as we live the Gospel 100%.  The reason we have the Gospel is to enjoy peace and happiness in this life and receive eternal life after death.  A few themes that came up several times were obedience, missionary work, and living the Gospel in our homes and families.  I would like to also testify of the importance that we share the Gospel with those around us.  I have experienced great joy in sharing the Gospel.  I promise you the same joy in your life as you pray and look for opportunities to share Gospel truths with your family and friends.  They NEED this Gospel.  Without it, they will never feel completely clean from the mistakes they have made.  Without it, they will never have the surety that they will be able to live with their family after death.  These truths are worth sharing because they have brought us so much peace and happiness in our own lives.  Be "healers of souls" to those that you truly love.  Cast out all fear and show your true love for them by sharing the Gospel.  I know that Thomas S. Monson and his counselors, along with the apostles, receive modern day revelation to guide us in such a dark and confused world.  As we heed their counsel, we will be safe and protected from the fiery darts of the adversary.  I wish you all a great and happy week!!
Elder Stutz            

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