Monday, August 13, 2012

Sé en Quien He Confiado

Hey Guys
We have had a rainy and cloudy week here in Chilpo which has been a blessing because its not so hot.  We went to the zoo last p day with about half of the zone and had a lot of fun.  It is a small cheap zoo but we convinced the director to give us a special tour and we were able to get up close and personal with a lion!  So that was pretty sweet and I think the elders had a great time.  Today we have also organized a soccer tournament of the zone to help unity so im pretty pumped right now to go dominated!  We also started up an english class this past week on the stake level.  There are a lot of people in the stake that speak or want to learn to speak english so we decided to start a class that the missionaries will teach.  Six people came this past week which was pretty good for not really announcing it much still.  My comp taught the more advanced speakers and I taught two kids ages 10 and 7.  They told me my class was boring so they ditched me half way through haha.  I dont think I'll ever try to be an elementary teacher.  But it went well and well see if we can find some success through it.  We also have had a ton of special changes in the zone lately so we have been real busy at the bus station sending missionaries off and greeting the new ones.  One of the changes affected us quite a bit.  President took the sisters out of the area that is next to our area.  They had just barely moved into a new house and made a contract with the landlord.  In our house we didnt have a contract so we moved from our house to a really nice house that the sisters were living in.  Since we are the zone leaders we have a ton of stuff so it took a couple days to move and settle in.  But our new house is pretty amazing.  With the extra mattresses we have we made couches, we have an awesome study room where we are going to be recieving a bunch of revelation (we call it El Monte).  So we are feeling a lot better to leave our last house and live a lot more comfortably in this one.  We continue to do several family home evenings with the members of the ward every week.  They have been pretty good to invite their non member friends and family to come and listen to our message.  We have also prepared a new message for these family nights.  We teach the members and the non members how to share the Gospel and we do it with hands-on activities.  We usually set up situations so that the members do a role-play of them sharing the Gospel with their friends that are there in the family night.  We have felt the Spirit in these role-plays as members have invited their friends to listen to the missionaries, to go to church, shared their testimony, etc.  We think these activities will strengthen the members a lot and that they will be more bold in sharing the Gospel with their friends.  Just to let everyone know (and mostly to comfort my mom), I am doing well.  This work isn't easy but it is worth it everyday.  It has been a little bit hard to go through a period without baptisms when my companion and I feel that we have become the best missionaries we have ever been, but we trust in the Lord and know that we are doing His will.  I know in whom I have trusted and I know that this work will continue to go forth and grow everyday in the whole world until the Lord comes again to reign upon the earth.  I love you all and hope to hear from you guys soon because I miss everyone so much!!  

Elder Stutz    


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