Tuesday, August 28, 2012

El Corazón Alegre Hermosea el Rostro

Hey Guys
We had another abnormal week with sicknesses, divisions, and interviews.  The first half of the week was spent in the house because my comp was sick (he is all better now).  After those couple days, I went to Galeana to do divisions with Elder Mijares.  He is my friend from back when I was in Tepoz so it was fun to work with him in his area.  The next day, I went to Chichihualco to do a few interviews and unexpectedly stayed there for a day in order to find the people that were going to get baptized.  Elder Bergen, also a friend from earlier in mission (Iguala), was my companion that day and we were able to find the 3 people and they passed their interviews and got baptized on Sunday!!  That day we also taught a girl named Courtney from Idaho who just moved down here to Mexico with her boyfriend.  She is fluent in both languages but prefers english so we taught her and her boyfriend in english.  I was making more mistakes teaching in english than I do teaching in spanish!! haha It was so hard for me to teach in english and I had a huge headache by the end of it after having to translate from spanish to english in my head haha.  But they are super cool and I think they will progress well.  On Saturday, Elder Quinnelly and I were back in our area and we did some service for Almas brother, Javier, who is an inactive member of about 20 years.  We went up to a house that he has been trying to sell ever since his wife died tragically, to clean it out and get it ready to show to some perople that are interested in buying it.  After the service we struggled to find the people we wanted to find last week like references and other new investigators.  It was a tough day but throughout the day when I was feeling a little down I would say a quick prayer in my head for comfort.  Evertime I did so, the Lord would send me a tender mercy.  Sometimes it was a scripture that I had memorized earlier, other times it was a cute little baby that smiled at me etc.  I know the Lord doesnt ever abandon us and that He is greatly involved in the work we do.  Yesterday, we were able to have ward council and we helped the ward leaders gain a greater vision of how the missionary work in the ward should be.  I feel like this ward is going to progress so much in these next few months becuase they are going to be the missionaries and we will just be there to support them and help them out.  This past week we were hoping for a baptism of a 10 year old kid whose mom is a great member and his dad is just barely starting to investigate the church.  We were working with them throughout the week and I specifically fasted and prayed for them.  Well, the kid decided not to get baptized but we made progress.  I know that one day that family will be an eternal family.  I have developed so much love for these people that I just want to see them in heaven and I want them to live happily in this life.  Although I wont see all the fruits of our labors while Im here, I know that one day I will see some of these people in the kingdom of heaven and we will rejoice together.  My companion and I are excited for this last week of the change and for the opportunity to work together everyday.  We are going to work happily and with the Spirit so that others will naturally want what we have to offer.  I know this work is true and that all can participate in it and experience great joy.  Love you all!!!!
Elder Stutz 

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