Monday, July 30, 2012

Nuestras Aflicciones Fueron Consumidas en el Gozo de Cristo

Hey Everyone!!!!!
So we started this new change by giving a capacitation in the zone about purifying ourselves.  We mentioned three important points that must exist in our missionary work in order for miracles to happen:  1. Exact Obedience  2. Pure Love  3. Diligent Work.   We are going to be focusing on these three principles this change in order to improve our efforts so that the Lord can work His miracles in each one of our areas.  This past week, we were blessed for following those 3 principles when we found a family contacting in the street.  It is a family that was listening to the missionaries many years ago but moved when they were about to get baptized and lost contact with the missionaries.  We taught them and they accepted a baptismal date for this coming month!  Only three of them were there for the lesson but apparently it is a family of 6.  During the week, we also had the opportunity to do some service for the first counselor of the ward.  We didnt know him too well up until this service project so it was great to be able to talk with him and gain more of his trust.  We dug out some land for him outside his house so that he could park his car a little closer and we were able to complete it and have a great coversation.  We are going to continue to look for service opportunities in the ward this week to get to know the members better and gain more of their trust.  On Friday, we went to Zumpango, a village that has a small branch and that doesnt have missionaries in it right now.  President Kusch and his wife came with us to get to know the members and the village.  It went really well and it sounds like the mission is finally going to get a bunch more missionaries this coming change so that we can open up Zumpango and other areas in the mission.  We also spent the day Saturday helping the sister missionaries from our zone move houses and later we found a lot of success contacting a street that we had always wanted to contact.  We are finding a lot fo families right now so we have a lot of work lined up for this next month.  I recently started reading the Book of Mormon again and have faound so much comfort and faith in the example of Nephi.  He was always so obedient but that obedience never excluded him from the trials and afflictions that he had.  His greatest afflictions were the wickedness and hard hearts of his brothers who would not follow the commandments of the Lord.  Sometimes I feel like Nephi when people dont come to church or when people lie to us about a second appointments or even when the members refuse to work and help out.  It can be frustrating at times but I have also recently found a lot of joy and comfort in the Atonement of Christ and in the knowledge that God has a plan and nothing will stop that perfect plan that He has.  With these weeks without baptizing, my companion and I have had to rely full on the merits of Christ to improve and have more faith.  Our afflictions, like the afflictions of Alma and the sons of Mosiah, have been consumed in the joy of the Redemption of Christ.  We are excited for this next week which we will spend in Cuernavaca doing a few capacitations with President Kusch.  Even though we wont be able to work to much in our area, I know its for our benefit and spiritual progress so that we can invite others to come unto Christ for our whole spiritual lives.  Love you all and hope you have a fantastic week!!!
Elder Stutz

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