Monday, April 16, 2012

Ve, Tu Fe Te Ha Salvado

Hey everyone!!
Hope everyone enjoyed their week! We are hanging in here with the summer heat of Iguala. I'll start with some great news we recieved this past week. Brother David Ruiz, he is the young man that would go with us to appointments and that would chill with us on pdays, finally got his mission call and he is headed to Cali, Columbia mission. He is super stoked an we are super proud of him. He reminds me a lot of myself before the mission when I always wanted to go with the elders to their lessons. If you guys remember a couple weeks back Kareli got baptized and it reactivated her family in the church. Her brother just turned 12 and despite some mental illnesses he has, he was able to recieve the Aaronic priesthood on Sunday and passed the sacrament! He did a great job and he looked so happy while doing it. We actually went to Karelis house during the week to give her pictures from her baptism. She made a comment that really moved me. She looked at the photo and said, 'wow, you guys are glowing with light in this picture. I am going to draw some wings on you guys because you are our family´s angels.' We laughed about it but it really made me feel good inside to know that we are helping families come closer to Christ, be more united, and be happier for all eternity. We continue to work a ton with the members here in the ward. We are trying to do multiple family home evenings every day so we can meet the members friends and help them help their friends come unto Christ. We know that by doing this, more people will be able to be baptized and those people will have a better chance to stay active because they will already have great friends in the church. We worked a lot with a couple this past week that is going to get married this week and the wife will get baptized. We have helped them developed faith in Jesus Christ to make the decision. They had a ton of doubts at first but then after finally praying together, they were able to get an answer that it is the right decision. I know that the majority of people will always have doubts when it comes to big and righteous choices. Many people listen to those voices of the world and then think its impossible to do what is right in this moment. But those who have faith in Christ, do things immediately. They act on their faith and trust in the Lord. That is the difference between the righteous and the wicked in these days, faith. We can either wait to do what is right (procrastination) or we can make a decision and act, knowing that the Lord will provide the way. Those that act with faith, will be much happier than those that do not. I have seen it countless times here in Mexico and know it is true. Hope everyone has a great week! Destroy all your doubts with faith!!!!!!
Elder Stutz

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