Monday, April 2, 2012

¿Qué Piensa Cristo de mi?

Hey Guys!!!
WOW!! Crazy, crazy week! If you thought getting special changes twice was impossible, you were wrong. I just found out that President has a special assignment for me. Apparently there is an island off the coast of Acapulco that has very few people on it. The church isnt there yet but me and another elder (not sure who yet) are going to start preaching there and start up a branch!! I leave tomorrow and have no idea what to think. I am going to miss this area so much and I am super nervous for this assignment!!
Alright, the april fools joke is over. We had a pretty great week this week! We are still teaching this lady named Sara and she is progressing well. She told us during the week that when she went to church she was feeling super stressed because of her financial situaion and other things. she said she was not enjoying church at all and had a huge headache due to these stresses. But she said that when they started passing around the sacrament that she felt a small feeling of peace and that when she took the bread, her headache left and she felt the Spirit. She also went to conference this weekend and is getting ready to be baptized this saturday. She is such a nice lady and will be a great member of the church! We also had a batism this week!! Very unexpected but miracles happen. We visited a less-active family on Thursday. We got to know them and realized that their 9 year old daughter hadnt gotten baptized. So we taught her and she accepted to be baptized. We set up the baptism for Saturday and planned everything real fast. The real miracle was that her baptism has brought her family back together. The parents had been separated for awhile and had a rough relationship between them two. The dad is in the other ward and is an active member. We set it up so that he did the baptism and at the beginning of the service, tension seemed pretty high between the two. They hadnt talked in months but there we were, having the baptismal service. By the end, the family was leaving the chapel while the parents shared a few words. The next day, we saw the family sitting all together, watching general conference and learning from so many talks about the family. We are going to continue to work with the family so they can get back together and enjoy the blessings of an eternal family. I LOVED general conference. More than anything, it strengthened my faith and reminded me of my duties and responsibilities as a missionary. I felt like most of the talks were about repentance and the family. I loved the question that Elder Andersen brought up in his talk: What does Christ think of me? We can all ask ourselves that question so that we can find the straight and narrow path again that leads to Him. I really enjoy helping people find that path. To be honest, most people are not willing to make the sacrifice to find that path. But as we read in the hymn, Sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven. I am grateful for the opportunity to sacrifice 2 years of my life so that others can make sacrifices as well to the Lord and recieve the promised blessings. Love you all and HAPPY APRIL FOOLS!!!!!
Elder Stutz

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