Monday, March 12, 2012

Nuestra Fuente de la Esperanza

Hey Guys!!!
Pretty crazy week this week! A little bit of getting sick, but no worries everything is good now! We also had a special conference in Chilpancingo with one of the 70, Elder Tenorio (see attached pic). Him and his wife taught us so many great things. His wife talked about Christ and she shared a quote that I loved 'a smile is a powerful weapon' And it really is. We can change someones day around with a smile, we can reflect the light of the joy of the Gospel that we receive from living it. Elder Tenorio taught me a few things. He taught me a lot about specific prayers. He reminded us that a prayer with faith is a prayer of thanks, a plan, and then a petition for a blessing. At the end of each prayer we should know what blessings we need and exactly what we need to do to receive that blessing and have the sure faith that we will receive that blessing. He also taught me that through hard work, concentration, prayer, and a joyful attitude we can accomplish anything we need to. And we can enjoy it as we do it.
This past week was a decent week for the work, due to the conference and a little sickness, we didnt have too much success but we did have some amazing experiences with a few investigators. We met with Eliseo again, I cant remember if I talked about him when we first got here but we were teaching him before because he was about to get baptized in the US but got sent back here to Mexico. He was waiting on divorce papers to get baptized and a miracle occurred. He had to pay thousands of dollars to get the papers completed and he has no money. But he had faith and suddenly, his ex wife paid it all and now the papers are ready for the divorce. So we met with him again this week and he told us he is getting baptized this week. He also asked me to give him a blessing of health because he has been having troubles lately. I felt the Spirit so strong when I gave him that blessing and we are really excited for his baptism this week. We also met with the Sanchez family a couple more times and they are progressing well. Olga, the 12 year old daughter, has read more than anyone in her family (and she is the youngest) and even wrote down all the questions she had from reading 1 Nephi. Her questions were so profound!! One of them was: How can we obtain peace in this life and eternal life in the life to come? We were too amazed for a second so we werent able to answer, but then we said, well you start by getting baptized. So she and her brother are preparing to get baptized in a week and hopefully their parents too. We also had a wonderful baptism of a 77 year old lady, Lina. She was the only one in her family not a member of the church but all her family members are inactive. This is the woman we gave that blessing to and she got better super quick. So she got baptized on Saturday and the service was amazing. On Sunday she recieved the Holy Ghost and I asked her how she felt and she told me she felt something in her body she had never felt before. She is a great example of faith considering her circumstances of not knowing how to read or write and being a little older, but still being able to recognize the feelings of the Holy Ghost in her heart. On Sunday, we spóke again in the ward and it went really well. Elder Pearson talked about compassion and told a lot of great stories and I spoke on Hope. When we live the Gospel of Jesus Christ we are filled with a perfect hope in our lives. In spite of the troubled world that surrounds us, we are able to be happy and enjoy living a righteous life. We have that sure hope because we know that we have the authority of God, which distinguishes us from all the other churches and religions. We know that by getting baptized by someone with the authority of God, that we can recieve a remission of our sins and feel the alleviating feeling of no regrets or doubts. I testify that Jesus Christ is our best source of sure hope, He is the light in our lives. Love you all and miss you guys a bunch!!!
Elder Stutz

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