Monday, March 19, 2012

El Estandarte de Libertad

Buenas Tardes!
We enjoyed a pretty good week this past week. We had our stake conference and witnessed the release of the stake presidency. Most of the members were really surprised by the choice of the new stake president but it seems like he is going to do a great job. Elder Tenorio, the same authority that came to our mission conference a couple weeks ago, spoke at the conference and the members loved his talk. Lidia and Olga, the mom and daughter of the family we are teaching right now, went to the conference and loved it. Lidia said she was so surprised by how many members there are of the church in Iguala and recieved a few answers to doubts she had about baptism. We are going to be working with that family all week so they can get baptized this weekend and sealed as a family in the temple in a year. They really are a great family and are so humble with the little money they have and in the little tiny shack they live in. They are growing so much spiritually by reading the Book of Mormon, praying, and going to church and we have noticed a new light in their eyes and a more positive outlook on life. We continue to work a lot with the members, especially with the less-actives. A lot of people are starting to go to church again so we are excited about that! We also worked throughout the week with Eliseo. He got baptized and confirmed on Friday and is ready to head back to the US next week to return to his family and marry his future wife. The service was great and I have developed a great friednship with him in our time here. He showed a lot of faith by getting baptized and is so excited for life now. He also has a new look about him and seems a lot happier now. I loved studying this past week about Capitan Moroni in the Book of Mormon. He is one of my heros and I have learned so much from his words and example. In fact, I made my own title of liberty this past week to ensure that I will neverstop fight against the enemy of all righteousness. I love being on the front lines of God´s army here in Mexico and it is a daily fight. Sometimes when we dont have success in the mission, we think our efforts are not worth it. But I have learned that the things we do on a daily basis (our daily decisions) determine our eternal destiny and can even help the eternal destiny of others. We can either not fight today and wait for tomorrow to come, or we can make the choice TODAY to fight and experience all the blessings that our Heavenly Father has for us. I testify that the Lord is involved in His work and that He can help us as we ask Him for SPECIFIC help. I encourage everyone to plan what they can do individually TODAY to fight for what´s right and for the right side which will win in the end. Love you guys a ton! I appreciate the prayers!! Love
Elder Stutz

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