Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Seáis como Niños

Hey Guys!
We had a pretty great week here in Iguala, the sun is slowly getting more and more blazing and we continue working with several people so that they can come unto Christ and be baptized by someone holding the authority of God. We have a few baptisms planned for this week. One of them is Elizabeth. She is 18 years old and has a 4 year old daughter. She is a single mom and lives in the middle of nowhere very far away. Her family members live in another ward in the stake and they got baptized about a month ago. So she started going to Church with them and loved it. We started teaching her this week, she prayed to recieve an answer if this Church is the true church of Jesus Christ and got an answer. She has amazing faith and will be a great member of the church. She is going to be baptized by her brother in law (that just got baptized himself) on Friday. We are also preparing Reina to be baptized this week, I think I have talked about her in past emails but she continues to love church and is struggling with a couple things emotionally but improves every time she comes to church or everytime we meet with her. Her member friends are a huge support for her throughout the week and on Sundays when they pick her up. we are also searching for many miracles and praying so that a few other people can make that life changing decision of being baptized this week. We had a great ward activity this past week, a very successful Talent Night. There were a few people that sang and danced. We sang a song we made up about our Sheperd Poster that was to the tune of Called to Serve that turned out pretty funny and also we sang a hymn in spanish to the tune of If You Could Hie to Kolob. Elder Pearson is teaching we a ton about singing and music so I am slowly getting a better singing voice haha. We are also working a lot with a family in the ward. The parents are members but have been inactive for about 15 years. None of the kids are members still because they hadnt gone to church in a long time. The dad served a mission but afterwards fell away from the church. We started visiting them about a month ago and they have been coming to church ever since. Some of the kids are teenagers and a little rebellious so they dont really want to come to church still but we are working with them so that they can learn and get baptized. We had a Family Night with them this past week adn afterwards the dad started talking to us about his mission. He started telling us stories from his mission that he was just barely remembering since he was a missionary. We could see how happy he was, thinking about the families he baptized and the companions he had and it was great to see that. Elder Pearson and I continue to teach very well together, he is very good at using examples in his teaching so that people can understand better and I can usually listen well to the people and figure out their doubst so that they can overcome them and be baptized. We had one baptism this last week, a 9 year old kid in the ward that hadnt been baptized because his parents are inactive. He is awesome and I learned quite a bit from him this past week. We taught him just as we teach everyone, very simply and with examples, and he understood better than most of the people we teach. Just like most kids, he is very humble and a great example for us. We must follow the Saviors commandment to be like the children. We must be humble as they are and willing to do the things that our Heavenly Father asks us to do. Miguel was willingly to do what his Father in Heaven wanted and he got baptized by someone having the authority of God. He is a great kid and in his baptism, I imagined him as a missionary, helping people and families come unto Christ like we are doing now. I really hope he does serve a mission someday because he would be a great one.
I know that we have a purpose in being here on this earth. I know that our Father in heaven sent us here to experience the joys and pains of this life. We are here to follow the example of Jesus Christ so we can return to live with Him, our Father in Heaven, and our families forever. the first thing we can do to follow our Savior is to be baptized by domeone having the authority of God, then we continue living our best so we can stay in the path of the Savior, have peace and happiness in this life, and eternal life in the life to come. Hope everyone has a great week and I would love to hear how people are doing back home with school, work, marriages, all that good stuff!!! Love you all!!!
Elder Stutz

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