Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fwd: El Espíritu Nunca Nos Falla

Hey Guys
We had a pretty great week in Tamarindos this past week. We had zone conference with President and his wife on Thursday and learned quite a bit. About half of our zone consists of elders that are finishing the mission in the following months so I have many great examples around me right now. We continue to go to that English class to give service every week and we love talking to the kids in their broken english. It actually helps me be more talkative with my spanish because I can see that the kids that talk more in the class every week are the ones that are learning faster whereas the ones that are more shy arent talking as well. They are all great kids and we actually sang an english hymn 'Love at Home' with them this past week. They loved the hymn and a couple of them have even come to church and are getting interested. We had one baptism this past week of the young single mom, Elizabeth. Her cousin, that got baptized 2 months ago, baptized her so it was a really special event. Reina also came to the baptism and loved it. She told me after the service that the next baptism is going to be hers!! So we are preparing her for this week. Yemir and her family also got back from Mexico City this week and we found out that after doing many tests and going to multiple doctors, they did not go through with the surgery to remove the cancerous tumors because she has a lot of infection in that area of her body and they dont want it to spread to her whole body. So she takes some injections right now to clean that up so she can go into surgery at the end of March. Her mom shared with us a cool story though when they were in the hospital. It had been a really tough and painful week for Yemir and she was crying often. Her mom had forgotten to bring the hymn book with her and Yemir really wanted to sing a hymn to feel at least a little bit better. She had remembered all the hymns we would sing to her in the lessons and really wanted to sing. Suddenly she saw an older couple walking around with a hymnal of the church in their hands. Her mom asked them if they could borrow it and the old couple came over and sang to and with Yemir. They talked with her, shared their testimonies with her (the older lady was also a cancer survior) and stayed with her the rest of the day. The hymns of the church really do bring a special spirit and they sure set the tone for every lesson that we teach during the week. I loved something that Sister Veronica (super member missionary) told us this week. We were going to go visit a bunch of inactive families with her and she was trying to decide where we would go because we only had an hour before our next appointment. I remember directly asking her, 'Herman, Quién nos necesita HOY?' or 'sister, who needs us TODAY?' She immediately knew who we needed to see so we left. We got to the house after traveling aways and found a lady laying down on her bed, super sick. This lady is not a member of the church but her family is. She told Veronica that she had been calling her all week to come pick her up from her little tiny house (more like a shack) and take her to the hospital because she had a fever for that whole week and was really suffering. We offered to give her a blessing of health and afterwards, Veronica took her to the hospítal. The sister is now back at her house recovering and told us on Saturday that she wants to get baptized!! Veronica said something that really struck me after that experience 'El Espíritu nunca nos falla!' 'or the Spirit never fails us'. She recieved that idea or revelation, whatever you want to call it, so that we could go see her and help her get to the hospital. Who knows, she could have died if she didnt get that medical help in time. That is exactly what we get to do everyday here in the mission, save those who are sick spiritually. Most of the people dont realize they are 'one of the sick ones', but after their baptism, their life changes and they are so much happier. That is what separates us from all the rest of the missionaries out there in the world, reprensenting various churches. We have the Spirit with us, testifying that what we say and teach is true. We dont have to convince anyone, the Spirit speaks to them through feelings and those who have faith, act and get baptized. These particular individuals are blessed beyond measure and I have seen it often here in Mexico. Love you all
Elder Stutz

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