Monday, October 10, 2011

Que Usemos la Expiación Cada Día

Hey guys!

Hope this past week was a good one for everyone! We started last week with a crazy rainstorm that just dominated us. We were in the middle of nowhere looking for a house when all of a sudden it started pouring. We were carrying big boxes of books of mormon that we had gotten from the stake center in Cuernavca and we just could not find this house we were looking for. It was kind of a funny experience because we were walking through straight mud, soaking wet, carrying these heavy boxes and I thought to myself how great it is to be a missionary! I honestly was happy being out there in the rain!! I know I couldnt believe it when I thought it either! After maybe a half hour we found the house and had a quick Family Night with some members and a couple of their non member friends. It was definitely worth getting through the rain storm as we taught the Book of Mormon. Although some of the Books of Mormon got ruined and most of the stuff I was carrying in my backpack got soaked, we knew that we had been blessed for enduring through the storm. This principle of enduring through the storm occurs so often in our lives. When are faced with trials and when do our best to endure until we cant bear it any longer. It is in that moment that the Savior blesses us or carries us to safety and comfort. I am grateful I am learning this principle right now in the mission field. I believe we might be going through one of those storms right now as far as the work goes. We have been working really hard of late, finding new investigators, teaching, and inviting but we are going on our second week in a row without investigators in church. This challenge is making us better missionaries for sure. We had interviews with President Spannaus this past week which I really enjoyed. Our interview was very short but he exhorted me to prepare for anything the Lord would ask me to do this next change that is coming in November. That really motivated me and helped me work even harder these past couple days. We had a special fast in the branch this past Sunday for the missionary work in Tepoztlán. A few of the members bore strong testimonies on missionary work and although there were only a few people there in church, the Spirit was very strong. Right now, as missionaries here in Tepoztlán, our efforts have shifted towards helping less active members come back to church. We have been assigned home teaching companions so we can help more families get reactivated and get to the temple to be sealed as a family. I have been assigned to work with the ward mission leader and am really excited for all the families we have been assigned to. We are in for a hard working week full of teaching the words of Christ, Im really looking forward to it! I am using the Atonement of our Savior more in my life than I ever have before to overcome my weaknesses as a missionary and be able to help these people come unto Him. It is such a joy!! Hope everyone has a great week!! Cuídense mucho!
With Much Love
Elder Stutz

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