Monday, August 29, 2011

Vale La Pena

Hey Everyone!
Another great week here in Tepoztlán! Last monday we had a pretty crazy rain storm heading back to Tepoztlan from Cuernavaca. It took us a few hours to get back and the taxi driver was ticked that he had to drive all the way here in the storm. The whole city was pretty flooded and the streets are already super narrow so it took forever to get home. Once we got there we realized we had lost the house key so that was another adventure haha but everythings good now! We had a great stake conference yesterday in Civac. The branch took a bus there and back and my companion and I entertained them by singing hymns and primary songs in english. The bad news of the week is that we werent able to go to the wedding of Ivan and Mariana but she did get baptized after stake conference!! We had numerous challenges leading up to it with clothes, interviews, etc. but it turned out to be a very spiritual meeting! She asked me to baptize her and it was a very humbling experience. She began to cry afterwards and I know that her baptism will bless her life, marriage, and family. We have a couple more baptisms planned for this week so we are very excited right now and we are feeling the Spirit so strong so often. The title of my email this week is a saying in Spanish that directly translates to "It's worth the pain". People use it here a lot, especially when we explain to them about reading the book of mormon and the commandments and then explaining the specific blessings or answers they can recieve from doing those things. I've thought about that phrase a lot this week as we have worked so hard and have started to see the blessings from it, including the baptism of Mariana. This principle of its worth the pain, or sacrifice, can be applied in our lives with daily scripture study and prayer, spending more time with family, etc. It also applies in the life of a missionary because I find myself focusing my thoughts and actions on others the majority of the time. And why do we do this? Because the Savior has set the example. He always thought of others, not Himself. Everything He did was for the benefit of others. And this phrase of vale la pena applies mostly to the Atonement. What Jesus Christ did for us is amazing and cant be explained in words. But I know we are different people because of the act He did that was well worth the pain. We can use this sacrifice in our lives every day as we repent, are baptized, and endure to the end with a steadfastness in Christ. It doesn't matter that we are imperfect today, it matters that we are better tomorrow. How filled with gratitude I am for my Saviors sacrifice because I have countless weaknesses, especially as a missionary. But with His help everyday I am able to do all things according to His will. This is His work and I am priviledged to be apart of it. Love you all and think of you often. Take care and have a great week!
Elder Stutz

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