Wednesday, August 24, 2011

El Libro de Mormon: La Manera Que Podemos Saber La Verdad

Hey everyone, hope everyone is excited for school!!!! My companion and I had quite a great week this week, I want to fill you in on some of our investigators so here goes. We are going to have the baptism of Mariana this next Sunday!! Ivan and Mariana are going to get married on Saturday in Guerrero. Elder Oswald and I get to go with them and be witnesses!! Im pretty stoked! And then her baptism the following day. We are very excited for this great weekend that will change their lives for the better! Also we met with a 20 year old guy who we met last week. He went to church and loved it the past two weeks. Before we started the lesson with him he said, ´Whats that book that you guys study, we read some of it in church, for some reason I know its true´´ It was incredible!! We were taken back but asked him to pray about it to know if it is true with us and when he did the Spirit testified to us that The Book of Mormon is true. It was quite the experience I will never forget. He is going to be baptized on September 3rd and we are going to meet the rest of his family this week because they want to know that it is true as well. We have great news about *. After over a year going to church every week and listening to the missionaries regularly, he is going to be baptized! He has worked so hard to get to this point and he is ready and very excited! I cant explain the kind of love and respect I have for him, I feel like I have felt somewhat of what God feels for him, pure love. This past week Elder Oswald and I looked for different ways we could share the Gospel with people in the street. We always contact on the buses and combis but this week we also did something different. Every day we spent an hour in the Zócalo, town square, contacting the people sitting down there. We would split up and let the Spirit guide us to those who are ready to hear the Gospel. It was a little scary at first without my companion because my Spanish still is not so hot but I had a pretty incredible experience with one of the contacts. I met a 16 year old named Christopher who was really nice and seemed pretty interested in the message. We talked about the Book of Mormon a little bit and I asked him to pray right there in the Zócalo. He did so willing and despite all the noise around us, the Spirit was so strong. When he asked Heavenly Father if the Book of Mormon is true and if the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the only true church of Jesus Christ on the Earth, I recieved another witness that it is true and so did he. After sitting there silently for a few minutes with his eyes closed he said to me, ´´I know that this is true´´ A very simple phrase but one that will change his life and has impacted mine. I know that the Book of Mormon is the word of God. If anyone has doubts or questions about it or about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints can go right to the source, The Book of Mormon. Anyone, in any country, rich or poor, man or woman, any race, whatever background of life can ask our Heavenly Father sincerely if the Book of Mormon is true. Every person that asks sincerely WILL recieve an answer through their feelings, or in other words, through the Holy Ghost. This is Gods work on the Earth and I am humbled to be apart of it. Share it with your friends, you nor they will ever regret it. Love you all, stay strong. Remember we can find comfort, direction, and revelation for the scriptures. Search them and you will find specific answers to problems in your life that you have right at this moment.
-Elder Stutz

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