Thursday, May 23, 2013

Una Autoentrevista

Hey Guys!
This week was mostly spent in the car but there are still a few stories to tell.  After an extremely busy week in the offices, president decided to thanks us by taking us out to eat on Saturday to an Argentine restaurant.  The food was delicious and we left feeling the love of our mission president.  We continue to help Javier and his wife Edith prepare for their baptism which will be this Saturday.  They are more then ready!  Javier actually told us about a dream or vision that he had.  He said that he was sitting on his bed thinking and suddenly "day-dreamed" he was in white clothing, entering the baptismal font.  As he was being submerged in the water, he woke up.  He simply remembered feeling very happy in that dream and took it as another answer from God that it is the right decision for him and his family.  His step-dad, José Felipe Duque, will baptize him on Saturday along with his wife.  I felt the Spirit so strong yesterday in sacrament meeting as José Felipe exercised his priesthood for the first time, blessing the sacrament.  He did it so well because he had been practicing the prayer frequently during the week.  He had the brightest smile on his face as we congratulated him afterwards.  He has also developed some new plans in the sunday school presidency to help the ward apply more what they learn on Sunday throughout the week.  He is so excited to continue serving in the priesthood.  My experience with the sacrament yesterday was a little more special than normal.  The day before I had read the message of Elder Eyring in the April Liahona that talks a little about how we can enjoy the sacrament every week and benefit from it 100%.  He gives us three questions to ponder on in order to conduct a "self interview" during the sacrament (paraphrasing):
1. What have I done well this week?
2.  What do I need to repent of and change for next week?
3. Whom would God like me to serve?
I loved doing this spiritual exercise during the sacrament and I recommend it to everyone.  The purpose in life is to improve a little bit every day, week, month, and year.  Doing this exercise helps us recognize how we can improve and how we can help others improve and be happier.  I know that our salvation is only possible through our Savior.  He has given us the gift of the sacrament in order to cleanse our souls frequently throughout our lives.  I know that this world can not provide nor offer the peace that comes from a clean soul.  That is achieved by making sacrifices every week in order to attend sacrament meeting of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints.  That weekly sacrifice is worth giving up any sport, job, activity, etc. that we would normally participate in on Sundays.  I hope everyone enjoys their week and has the opportunity to try this exercise this Sunday to feel the peace and inspiration that I have felt and received.  Love you guys!!!           

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