Monday, October 1, 2012

El Enseñar es la Esencia de Liderazgo

Hey everyone!
Well i apologize again for not sending more pictures, I have so many to send still but I have yet to find a good computer to be able to send them haha.  We got our soccer jerseys that we custom made for the zone and they turned out awesome!!!!  The elders really liked them and we are going to go play soccer today in them.  We continue to visit the members very frequently and currently, we are eating with a lot of sisters from the ward that we had eaten with before.  So we are getting to know the members better everyday.  We were able to meet the last bishop better when we ate and his house last week.  He is a great guy and we learned that his wife got baptized right before they got married.  She is the only member in her family of several brothers, sisters, nephews, and nieces.  We are working with them to start teaching them.  We also went with the second conselor of the elders quorom this past week to visit some inactives.  It went really well and we found two families to teach while we were out visiting with him.  Both families are in really tough economic situations and live in very humble conditions.  We will see if they put their trust in the Lord by making sacrifices to recieve blessings.  One family has already accepted a baptismal date for the end of the month so we are excited for them.  They have the cutest kids too that want to learn more about Jesus Christ.  We continue to teach Ariana and Ignacio, the couple that is planning on getting married soon so that Ariana can get baptized.  She continues to progress well and we are excited for her.  They are planning out their wedding right now so we should be able to have the baptism in a couple weeks.  Dulce and Laura, the two college girls we are teaching are also progressing toward baptism for either this week or the next.  We also had more special changes in the zone this past week.  One elder got here to be in a trio and the sister missionaries are getting changed out today.  So Elder Quinnelly and I are going to help the investigators that they had get baptized.  It sounds like there will be like 4 or 5 from that ward in the next couple weeks.  So we are excited for all these people and the changes they are making in their lives for the better.  We had the opportunity to go with some priesthood leaders to eat corn on the cob in a little cabin that is basically a man hang out for the priesthood leaders here haha.  It was good to get to know the leaders better and get more of their confidence.  And the corn was super delicious!!!  I was feeling pretty mexican eating the corn with the mayonnaise and cheese on it, talking and making jokes with all the guys haha.  We had interviews this past week with President Kusch and I really enjoyed mine.  He complimented on my work, sacrifice, and dedication.  I talked to him about how I could become a better leader.  He told me that the essence of leadership is being a great teacher.  He said that the greatest leaders he has ever met are amazing teachers.  So right now I am working on becoming a better teacher and I know the things I am learning and applying now will help me for the rest of my life in my family, work, and in the church.  The work is going well and I have been able to see, especially in this area, that those who obey the commandments are blessed in every way of their lives.  Those that obey some of the commandments lose many blessings for them and for their family.  I invite all to obey ALL the commandments of God, for they are for our physical and spiritual well being.  Love you all
Elder Stutz

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