Monday, December 5, 2011

Por Sus Frutos Los Conoceréis

Happy Lunes Everyone
We enjoyed a great week this past week. It might have been one of my happiest of the mission. We started off working super hard with a ton of great appointments. At the beginning of the week, most of them fell through and we were a little bummed but didnt let it get us down. We continued to work hard and saw the blessings later. We had a few family home evenings with members this past week and they went really well. We are still trying to figure out ways to encourage the members to share the Gospel with their friends. At least they are starting to trust us more and increasing their faith in Christ. It was great to see on Sunday every adult that we had a family home evening with the past week came up to the stand and bore their testimony about missionary work and how we as the missionaries are working like crazy to bring the Gospel to the people of Tepoztlán. We finally met the husband and father of Esther and Anay (who were baptized about a month ago) and we have started teaching him. He seems pretty interested and he would be a great strength to the priesthood body here of the Tepoztlán branch so we are excited to continue to work with him. We also found a family this past week that is pretty interested. We taught the parents and the oldest daughter about the Book of Mormon. The daughter and mother seem really interested and eager to find an answer about the truthfulness of the Book of Mormon. I remember testifying of the Book of Mormon in that lesson boldly and with the Spirit. Never have I taught with the power and authority that was given to me in that short testimony. The Spanish came out perfectly and they understood me perfectly and realized the power and importance of this great book, which is the fruit of the prophet Joseph Smith and is evidence of the truthfulness of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints. I know I was given that power to testify because we had been praying, fasting, and studying up the words of the scriptures diligently, just as the sons of Mosiah did in the Book of Mormon. We have been searching desperately for families and we are going to continue doing that this week. We enjoyed a service project in Cuernavaca with the whole zone on saturday as we raked leaves and sweeped at the library. Afterwards, Elizabeth entered the waters of baptism. Elder Bangerter baptized her and it was a great experience. Although not very many members came and the service wasnt planned very well by us, I felt the Spirit and know she did too. Well we are pumped for another great week here in Tepoztlán! We just found out that they are closing the area next to us, San Andres, so we will likely work in both areas so lots of work to do!!! I love this work and know that we are influencing many lives and families for generations and generations. I love being a small part in the work and glory of God to save His people so that they can return to live with Him. Love you all
Elder Stutz

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  1. Hi, I am so pleased you are enjoying your mission and that there is progress. I'm sure you will find ways for the members to share the gospel. We had a christmas music and spoken word at our ward sunday evening and as an activity after we all sat round and wrapped a book of mormon in christmas wrap and left a message inside. We took them home and gave them to people who we thought may like one as a gift. Ryan gave his to a teacher at school and she was thrilled to bits that he had thought of her. Our ward has now been blessed with 4 missionaries. Obviously there are many people waiting to be taught but not found yet. Keep up the good work.
    Have a wonderful Christmas.
    Marc Cathy Angela and Ryan Summersell