Monday, November 7, 2011

¿Me Amas? Apacienta Mis Ovejas

Hey Everyone,
Exciting week to start the month of November! Día de los Muertos here was pretty crazy. Tepoztlán is a crazy tourist town so tons and tons of families traveled here to trick or treat around main street. It was pretty crazy to see thousands of people out in the streets, many of them dressed up. We celebrated the holiday by working hard in the vineyard of the Lord! We had a tough start to the week because we had to move houses which took almost a full day. We then found out the next morning that we had to move back so we did that the whole next day haha. What a waste of time!!! We were pretty exhausted afterwards too! But we had a great Zone Conference on Thursday that boosted our confidence and motivation. President spoke and testified of the Living Christ and developing Christ-like attributes. It was amazing and we left uplifted, motivated, and ready to go out and serve as the representatives of Jesus Christ that we are in our respective areas. I left from the Zone Conference to a place called Zapata with Elder Smith to do divisions. Elder Smith and I love working together and we had a blast! We teach super well together and we loved teaching this 19 year old young man that is preparing to be baptized. We loved teaching him to figure out his doubts and then helping him to resolve them. I think it might have been one of the most spiritual lessons of the mission for me. I'm super pumped for him to be baptized! We also have a funny story from our food from that day. We arrived and the Hermana wasnt there but her two 8 and 7 year old kids were. We waited about a half hour and then were about to leave when the kids offered to make us dinner. We said no but they made it anyway haha. They were locked in their house and we couldn't come in either so they had to pass it through the window and we ate the eggs and sweet pea soup that these little kids made for us there on the side of the road haha, it was hilarious and didnt taste too terrible! The Hermana got back as we were finishing up and was super embarrased haha! Sweet kids!!
So the great news this week is that Esther and Anay got baptized and confirmed!!! The night of the baptism started rough when they met us in the centro about a half hour late and then we went to Presidents house so he could take us to San Andres but he wasnt there. So after another half hour we found his son and he took us. We showed up and there was only one member there. We waited another half hour there and then a few more members showed up. But once the baptism started it was amazing and filled with the Spirit. Elder Oswald baptized Esther and I baptized Anay. It was super special!!! Then on Sunday, President asked me to confirm Anay a member of the Church and to give her the Holy Ghost. It was my first time doing that so that was very special and I was touched by the Spirit. I know that this is the work of the Lord and that we are guided by the Holy Ghost everyday to those that are willing to listen and pray. I know that people are prepared to hear us here in Tepoztlán, we just need to find them!! I have seen how happy this Gospel makes people and families. It is true. Christ lives, His church is on the earth and it is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I love this work, its something I want to do my whole life. Thanks to everyone for their fasts and prayers in our behalf, they make such a difference!!!! I love you and have a great week!
Cuídense Mucho,
Elder Stutz

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