Thursday, June 2, 2011

Seguimos Jesucristo

We had quite an eventful week here at the MTC. Elder Messner broke his nose the other day in gym (we probably get a little to competitive in bball) so he got surgery locally yesterday. He is on the mend and should be back to work in a couple days. He is sportin' a real nice nose splint. Also last week, I went to the Mexican Consulate in Salt Lake. We just got our picture taken and signed some documents. So my visa is now ready to go. I also met about 12 elders that will be going to my same mission the same day as me. I haven't seen them before because they are in the beginning language class. They are a great group of elders and I got to know a couple of them pretty well. I am excited to get to know them even better when we head to Cuernavaca together in about a month. Yesterday, I ran into Elder Gavin Salisbury on our classroom floor. It is his first week here and his class is just a few doors down from ours. The work is still going well, we continue to learn more everyday. This past week, my companions and I taught el plan de salvación in our mock teaching. We are improving with our spanish and teaching with unity. The classes here are very unique. Our teachers help guide us, but as a district we plan what we will do for every minute of class time. As a district, we are focusing most our our time on teaching and we are improving everyday. As missionaries, we follow Jesus Christ (Seguimos Jesucristo). We help others come unto Christ by helping them recieve His restored Gospel here on earth. We experience joy when we can bear a personal testimony of the truthfulness of this beautiful message. When asked about our beliefs from family, friends, and even complete strangers, we can simply share with them 4 words: We follow Jesus Christ. Then share with them how the restored Gospel has blessed our lives personally. What a great gift we have, and what a blessing to be able to share it with others. Love you all and thank you for your support and sweet letters.
-Elder Stutz

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